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  • 1/4 page magazine advert

    1/4 page Magazine advert...

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      ....and um, yeah. Just wondering how you thought it looked? I tried a new technique with the photography to get it really contrasty to give it a very mysterious look, and also a somewhat elegant look to complement the Christian Dior brand. And decided after adding millions of other things to keep it simple, keeping with the elegance and mysteriousness of this particular ad.


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        I like it, lot's of black, over contrasted face, elegant but scratchy font. Simple and clean, i like it a lot. It sure does get your attention, good job!


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          Check the levels of white on her face. That could print weird (a valley of inkless paper in the middle of your ad if it's to white).

          As for my critique, this could just be my personal taste, but I'm not that into the image. It reminds me of child porn. Not my style. Also, her neck and shoulder look striated. I can't tell if it's your image, or the "contrasty" tweaking you did. I honestly don't think it really says anything, but then again I've never understood fashion advertisement anyways, so what do I know. Nice composition, though, and I like what you've done with the Dior logo.


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            I haven't really checked out child porn so it didn't remind me of that... Just kidding DY!!! I see what you mean about toning down the pure white, and the striation might be the hair i'm not sure, I'll check that out. Thanks for the feedback guys!


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              child porn = chorn, i love making up new words. haha


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                My first thought is "what is this ad for?"

                Now I don't know what the brand Dior is, but if you are advertising in a publication where they WILL, then disregard this. Also, I think you should use the actual Dior logo to correctly tie it in with the branding they've already established to make themselves recognizable. The photo is cool, but she does look a little young to be using such a high class looking product. If you wanted to go with the elegant look and keep the font you're using, I would use the swirlies (hehe, great word) from the font as an accent somewhere else in the ad... perhaps across the top. Don't get me wrong, I love negative space - just a suggestion. Also, do you want any call to action in the ad? website, phone number, location, etc.? I know a lot of fashion/fragarance ads don't have it, but just a thought.

                Overall, it's a good concept to go for a simple, elegant look, good job!


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                  The photograph is too jarring. It looks dirty and pornish. Certainly a nice effort, i see your concept.

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