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    Hi All. Here is a client I wrapped up last year sometime. The end result was one of several sketches that I proposed, but didn't think it should've been chosen. Unfortunately with no success they insisted on having letter (F) be the ultimate design. I was hoping for letter (B), seemed like a good one for the premise.

    By the way, what is scope of the company? It is a website that has LIVE FEEDS to all the active clubs in big cities. The idea is that users can log on to the site and then from there browse different clubs to see which ones are happening. Below are the sketches and final rendering of the project.

    The Sketches

    The Polished Final
    Skinwerks Tattoo & Design
    Scott Padgett Art

    "creativity is not a button you push"

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    I am partial to C myself, and the text on E.
    You have some pretty amazing illustration skills, you've got a great handle on textures to from your work that I have looked at.
    You go through any particlular books or tutorials to pick that up?
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      You certainly have an inspiring talent!

      Learn more about me here!


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        Rad! Do you have a background in graf?


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          Eraser: Thanks for the compliments. I have a illustrator background, so the sketch part is always fun for me. But I believe this hurts me when comes to thinking "simple" and "less is better" when comes to LOGO DESIGN. Most of my logos I believe are real UNprofessional, just because there is THAT illustration background. - something I am hoping to fix from this site.

          Regarding Textures, well there is another habit I am trying to break. I use alot of noise, rust, rock, concrete, etc through different channel mask in photoshop. If I can see a little bit of grit on a design or logo then it feels "LIVED-IN", "USED" or just "AGED" for me, and most of my clients do like!

          Basically I try anything that removes the "computer" feel to it.

          IMAGE: Thanks, I do feel the same about alot of stuff I see here. Art feeds Art.

          DELETEYOURSELF: No I don't, But certanly love that avenue of art

          Here is another simplier version:
          Skinwerks Tattoo & Design
          Scott Padgett Art

          "creativity is not a button you push"


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            this turned out really nice. The look and feel of it all rocks man! totally a club look to it. Personally i really liked the concept of "C", but that's just me. Nice work!


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              I stay stick with your style. You have style that is unique and sets you apart. If your art is original there and eye catching enough there will always be a need for it. I think you should take the logo you did which is complex and layered, and reduce it to its simplest forms. I would love to see a one or color logo that is flat. It would challenge you some, and it would provide a lower cost logo they could use on press or on something that is smaller. Do I make any cents?

              Less be more.


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                Great illustrations skinns, I really like the way you draw! Like you said your logos look a bit too illustrated, but what the hell, it is your style and you should take advantage of it. I must agree with Mynock when he says:
                I would love to see a one or color logo that is flat. It would challenge you some
                And if you draw so well, why dont you use handdrawing for some illustrations (not as a logo, I mean)? Why vectorize it if i looks so good in sketch?
                :daniel jacoby


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                  I like your sketches. Very inspiring.

                  Reminds me that I should do more concept sketches before going to vectors.
                  Creativity is taking what is and bringing in what isn't.


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                    The pencil...such a humble tool, yet capable of so much
                    damn fine work skinns
                    My head hurts
                    ....................( I )


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                      I agree very nice work, and awesome sketches. But I do have one question, is this Vector or Raster?
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