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Museum and Penguins, Gratful for any replies

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  • Museum and Penguins, Gratful for any replies

    Hello Again.
    I made a website proposal for a museum, souds boring right, the target audience is young people, but it was old people assesing it, i think my team got the job. How ever, I would like to know what people not working in a museum and maybee below 80 think of it(if some of u are over 80, please dont be afraid of replying it was only a joke and im sorry if i insulted anyone).

    if u think that is going to be to boring, feel free to give me feedback on other projects on my webpage. Its got penguins on it! everybody loves penguins.

    thanks a lot for any feedback!
    Heia Norge

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    Very simple, clean, and functional Web site. In terms of presenting info, it does the job nicely. I might suggest adding a way that lets users know which section of the site they are in. For instance, when I click on "Geological Collection" I'm not sure I'm actually at that section until I read the first sentence of the text.

    When you say young people, how young? I have mixed feelings about the pen image you use for the main visual on the home page. Is that their icon or was that your idea? I don't think it appeals to young people. Very "old-fashioned".

    BTW, where are the penguins?



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      From a pure aesthetics point of view, I like the and white always works for me though I also like the use of colours to differentiate between each area. My only gripe is that the coloured buttons set agains the brushed metal panel on the left don't looked finished enough with certain colours, and in my opinion are not suited to the colour of the background.

      I like it though
      My head hurts
      ....................( I )


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        I n my opinion, I would like to see site encompassed by some sort of design HULL or Enclosure. Just so the site doesnít look like itís floating on the browser. A nice border on the right and bottom would help tie the site together.

        The mouse-over stats for the text menu on the left is so light that it is almost distracting. I would try some other techniques for the highlighted stats. Give the icons some breathing room too; they seem a little too crammed.

        Very nice detail work on the large icons. I would like to see the same applied to the smaller ones as well. They look a little rough on the edges.

        Oh and the default border spacing around the site throws a distraction in to the design.

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          ^ What he said.

          I'm also seeing some typos in your description text on some of the pages, but the navigation seems pretty straightforward.
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            I get it

            I agree with steve-o.

            I see how you connect the side navigation to the top with matching the colors of the the circles, but it needs more. You have enough room to put the header right about the navigation on the side just a little bigger or bolder. Like:
            Geological Collection:
            squat lobster
            humorus bone

            With that said I would also title the content so you can see what you are talking about and where you are.

            Along with what skinns said.
            I don't mind having no top or bottom border as long as you do something to finish the right edge of your top banner navigation. Like making it a pill shape or adding a rounded corner on the bottom right of it. The edge looks unfinished or cut off. You just need something to cap it off.
            Less be more.


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              yeah steve-o we had to use the pen image so we tried to make it look as good as possible, but it is still a pen... Thanks a lot for al the replies!






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