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  • Logo Concepts Critique

    Critique away!
    Last edited by WR; 06-04-2005, 12:47 PM.

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    B and G have my vote.

    I've learned that it doesn't hurt to have official logo variations, and here's why: on occasion, you'll have an opportunity to advertise with a logo but you might realize that in the particularly place you'd be advertising, there are many other logos that share similar characteristics. Happens all the time. Have foresight where you can.
    Creativity is taking what is and bringing in what isn't.


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      A lot of these look like things I've seen before. I think you're on the right track for a clean and simple logo, but still needs more work. What if you took F and overlapped the dot and the "a"? I also like C on the second set, but I'm worried that the "a" might get lost with all of that black around it. I would say keep playing with the dot and "a" elements and the relationship between the two.






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        The Goog just informed me that the graphic is somewhat 'fitting' with the religious organizations ... erm ... beliefs/philiosophies/culture(?)

        So given that - I believe you were asking about...
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        Jesus wouldn't waste his time with tanks. He'd go straight to nukes.

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        I think the proper way to do this is to have a separate account for each client and the client pays for their own account....
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        ''just because someone has managed to become a ''boss,'' that doesn't mean he can't be wrong, or that he shouldn't be told when he is.''

        People tend to be disinclined to continue paying you...
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        Mathew 10:34

        "I did not come to bring peace,"

        But it is a fatal mistake trying to usurp his authority, which obviously is the OP's intent.
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