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    I am getting stuck on simplicity, if you all have any suggestions I would appreciate it. or should I leave them the way they are, and present them to the clients?

    Oh yea, background: BA MARTIN PROPERTIES, LLC owns and manages 18 real estate properties. 17 four family flats in south city's Tower Grove area, and 1 single family home.
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    I like the simplicity of the first sample but for some reason-the LLC in non caps seems akward.

    The second one, I like it too--i would try to add an element of completion to it--ie maybe a square around the whole thing--just too see how it looks.

    My vote is A or B. Sample C reminds me of an interior decoration place for some reason.


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      I like 1 and 2 the most. I think it depends on how modern do your clients want it to look. Both are very modern but the second one has a classic touch that's great (and I would leave it that way, no square around it). Maybe you could try adding a second color to the first one as you did with the other ones. The "properties llc" gets a bit lost, maybe you could fix that with a darker color as you did with the text on number 2.

      And beside that I think you are ready to present them to your client. Good luck!
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        I like number 2 the best, kept the llc in caps. I do not like that ugly green/gold color. I think you should present more than 3 logos to your client. Does BA stand for Bad Ass?


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          my vote is for #2


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            Really impressive. The third one is a little off for me, but the first two are clean, professional, and relevvant.

            LLC would probably work better in uppercase, as many others have suggested.

            2 is better than one in the fact that one is pretty lopsided. Try making the apex of the roof come from the other side to balance it out. Might not make it look better, you never know until you try.

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              Kieth, I never show more than three concepts, ever.

              In my opinion it will only confuse the client, and really you want the best directions you have executed as presicely as possible.

              Deffo work on as many as humanly possible in rough 'pencil' form, but I never show more than three...

              I will only comment on the first as I feel has most potential. As it is cleran clear and concise.

              As for the roof being lopsided, I personally feel that the composition of the type against it works well. I feel that I would try more type and line weight treatments (maybe experimenting with something like with Frutiger as it is still a very clean face like Futura but to me has more character) I can see the union between the straights of Futura, but feel a little more contrast would give the mark more character and would push the design, as it is working well.

              Why not try the whole name W/O and use the properties as a sub?

              I think you deffo have more to push in this design, and feel you could build on it (please pardon the pun) and make it a very successful mark.
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                Also I feel you could push the colour treatment a little as it is a touch washed out against a white B/G.

                I like the toned down earth colour, but feel it is maybe not quite 100% there, not sure...

                What made you choose this colour?
                Only dead fish follow the current...


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                  2 is more property suited to me and looks great (unsure about the construction of the building though), where as 3 reminds me of an art venue banner and also looks great (the BA is fabulous and eye catching, but seems to be carrying the gold title as a stray dog ... maybe the blue box is best by itself). 1 is definately not attracting me though.


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                    definitely thing #2 surpasses the other 2. I agree that it needs some form of completion. Perhaps just something this simple? (done really fast)
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                      WOW!! Thanks for all of the responses. Ok, where should I start: COLORS: These are not set in stone. I just thought the warm earth tones were inviting. But I will probably change them depending on what the client wants. DESIGN #1: it is meant to be a no-nonsense strait to the point one color, but I do agree it is a little to modern for the clients. But you never know one of them might be a modern art buff. DESIGN #2 is the one I worked on the most, I will be pushing them to choose this one DESIGN #3 took me about 5 minutes to make and was simply meant to be filler but, it has grown on me a little bit


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                        Pean, remember you are designing for the market of the company not soley for the clients tastes...

                        It is your job to inform the client what the market wants.
                        Only dead fish follow the current...


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                          Number 1 is nice. Number 2 is almost there, maybe a block behind it all or something.. Number 3 looks like a hair salon logo or something.. not sure.
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