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My Personal Logo - HELP!!!!!

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  • My Personal Logo - HELP!!!!!

    I hate making logos for myself, I can't decide on anything. I hate every idea 5 minutes after I create it. These are by no means final versions. I need some guidance or ideas or anything. I have spent countless days trying to come up with something for myself, it's very frustrating. Here are about 20 of over 100 ideas that I put to the screen that I thought may be worth a crap. On the lower ones I was experimenting with making "KW" out of the use of numbers but it kind of looks mediterranean to me, too bad I'm not mediterranean. My goal is to make a simple symbol that can be associated with my name. Basically I'm trying to use the K as the primary symbol and try to do something creative with it. I know some of these blow, I could rip them all apart myself. What I need is suggestions on new stuff or if there are any here that you think have potential to explore further. Thanks.

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    Do you specialise in any do you prize your skills in typography over your skills in photography (or is the inverse correct) etc...

    One idea I thought of if you could develop it...the stem of the K could be fashioned into the back of a chair whils the rest could make an arm. How you choose to develop the W is the tricky bit..perhaps the cord of a mouse (though in my head this idea seems weak)
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      #10 and #12 are the best out of the group. I think those shapes have the most impact. I think the concept of use type elements for your logo was interesting as welll; just not executed properly. Why not !< as an alternative? Good ideas thus far. Keep at it!
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        I don't really specialize in anything, not yet anyway. I'm all over the map. Print mostly. Thanks for the idea ghastly, maybe I'll try something with that chair idea. I know the W would be more tricky. I wish my initials had more bowls or curves like a C, S, B or R.


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          Thanks G-man, !< .....hmmmmmm??


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            Myself being an illustrator, I hate letter logos only because College Universitys have really saturated the combination of letters and colors for centuries.

            I tend to lean more towards symbols, but this isn't about me. So let see.. I like 2 and 4. The "K" is there in both of them, but not soo apparent.

            What about a combination of 13's background and the symbol in number 4?

            It ain't easy Keith, plus you can always change it later..
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              You just have to ask yourself what image do you want to give of yourself, rather that just making shapes and forms, start by thinking about the concept and that will narrow it down.
              Then start working with fonts and shapes, and colors if you want. Since you are doing something with typography, I would suggest you to look up a book about the work of Herb Lubalin and see his great work, it may give you ideas of composition. Doesn't mean you have to do something like that but it's always good to check.


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                Nina I think about this stuff all the time, I've been checking out typography books not Herb's yet though. I couldn't even decide on a name for my website so I decided to just use my own name so this is very hard for me. It's not like this with clients though. The shapes & forms weren't just random they were actually supposed to be experiments on the letters K or KW. Honestly I don't know what image i want. All I know is that I have colors in mind and that I want a simple graphic symbol that's flat, a little rounded for softness not hard sharp edges. Not necessarily K&W but it has to have a meaning. I guess I have more thinking to do about what image I want to to give myself. You're right skinns I guess I could always change it.


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                  11 and 12 are my favorite. They have the most potential or more likely close to the final product. I'm drawn to both very strongly. I would have to say I like 11 the best because the k is slanting back towards the begining of your name. It looks great. Good job keith.
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                    - i like #4, but the symbol is not memorable and is dwarfing your name (the important part)

                    - #9, but same thing're being sat on by a giant, wishy washy 'k'

                    - i like #19 a lot. i could see it with another mark of some sort, but it doesn't need it. only thing is you'd have to ensure that the 'oo' looks nothing like a bum with (pardon me, vicar) a *coughTurtle'sHeadcough*, or some squishy boobies. maybe it's just me seeing those things. OOO! and i'd also like it to be complimented somehow with the red of the numbers. done a million times, and why? because it looks sassy, that's why.


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                      There are some nice deisgns there Keith, and I feel you have put some hard work into these, but are also slightly lost working directly on the Mac/PC and are creating fairly generic marks.

                      Yeah I agree with Nina & Ghastly, try and think of your selling point.

                      If it is your slick design, think of subtle styling of type then concentrate on that, if its a facet of your personality think of the ethos that surrounds that and communicate that graphically - maybe it might be good to work on a spider diagram?

                      I find initially working with spider diagrams can conjure concepts that would normally get overlooked and never see the light of day. It only takes an hour or so but you get to see the secondary and unlateral thinking that 'could' be worked into a concept.

                      I know i sounds a little obvious, but they work really well for me, especially when you get a little bewildered, and they can get your creative juices flowing with ease. I feel you would really benefit from looking at things from a different perspective than just playing with key shapes/fonts.

                      I have attached a really quick (had to do it in Illy as I don't have a scanner here!) mock spider diagram, it might give you the idea, exhaust those secondary ideas, look on to the tertiary ones too, and find something unique and communicate that graphically.

                      I know from your posts that you have loads more depth than the ideas you have shown so far in these designs so push that as this is the one mark you NEED to get to perfection, after all this is the mark that will get you noticed as a creative.
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                        p.s. Bobby, I am loving your curves on that mark man, it looks so refined now, it is a millions times better than the original you posted, that 'chimp' isn't such an ass after all!!
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                          I like #19 keith
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                            Thanks everyone for all your feedback. Mitch I really like the spider diagram I think I will try that out for sure.


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                              No probs Keith, I just feel you could show more of your character in the subtlties of this design.

                              It won't be easy, but when is designing anything that is truly original and inspiring easy?
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