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  • My New New Logo

    I decided to not use my name directly to promote myself as a graphic designer. My name isn’t the most creative and I hated everything I came up with for logo designs. They weren’t bad just boring, uninspiring and forgettable. I know I could get more creative with my logo by using another name I thought. Coming up with a name is a task in and of itself but I think I’ve settled on one, hopefully.

    First I was thinking about maybe incorporating my astrological sign some how, not that I’m into that stuff, I was brain storming here. My sign is Aquarius usually associated with creativity so not off to a bad start and my thought process was, Aquarius?? = Water?? = Sea!!. Bingo I like the word “Sea”. Then I was thinking of some of my interests and astronomy and sci-fi stuff came up so I thought of space/stars. Stars are mysterious/exciting/larger than life/simple yet so complex/ponderous, everything I want my designs to be. I know this space stuff is way over used IMO but I thought I had an original idea brewing here.

    I thought of boats sailing under the stars and how back in the day sailors would use the stars for navigating. Then I choose Sea & Stars Graphic Design. It’s kind of a double entendre also; get it “seeing stars”. Anyway I thought it was clever. Those who never see the logo and just here the name may think it is Seeing Stars however I guess I’ll just have to take that “huge”risk I didn’t want to use the typical stars for this. I wanted it to be a little whimsical so I took a little inspiration from Van Gogh’s Starry Night painting where the stars look like swirls.

    Anyway I am pleased with this so far and I will be doing minor tweaks here and there. Just wondering what yall thought? Only one version you might say, well yes I pictured this image very soon after I thought of the name and I loved the idea. The most work here was drawing the boat, picking a font, font placement, coming up with different stars and tweaking, tweaking, tweaking. This is the latest & best of that process.
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    Hi Keith, had a quick look and love the graphic of the ship, it has a nice angle, and great curves, not 100% sure on the font, but it is definately up the right alley.

    How about focussing on the 'seeing' and using the boat to make the connection? I donnu, but I like the ship that is for sure, some of the waves could be curved a little better, but I do like it a lot.

    Also like the simplicity of the full bleed card - not too sure about the text though, love the black side, it is just the blue side I have composition problems with.

    1000% improvement, that is for sure.


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      Thanks Mitch. I don't want to focus on making a connection to "seeing" really, that is just a bonus that comes with the name. Ummm as for the waves and stars for that matter, i do not want them to be perfect curves, i like the whimsical imperfection of those elements. I really do like the font but not so sure about the font for "graphic design" underneath. I also agree with you on the blue side of the card's composition. Thanks for the feedback.


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        nice job! Initial thoughts:

        The angle of the boat and the blue star pattern lead the eye right to the name of the company. I like how the waves are a similar shape to the "G" in Graphic Design. Creates a nice flow there.

        I would play around with the font for the company name. The font serifs work because they complement the tight curves in the waves and stars. With that said, the font reminds me of newspaper type and all that is associated with newspaper.

        Thanks for sharing!

        BTW, remember to register


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          love the ship. I like how you used the positive and negative space. it's simplistic and noticeable.

          real good work here.
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            thanks stevo-o i already did register it yesterday. I do want a serif font definitely, i will look for something not as common, this is ITC new baskerville, what i really like about it are the curves of the &.


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              About the waves, I just feel that they don't quite belong with the boat. Maybe simplifying a little, but I just feel tweaking is deffo needed. I like the stars a lot - I just think it may be the weight issues that may be in the waves. You are right the organic/whimsical element is deffo needed with these marks.

              I feel the Futura (hope I got it right?) is OK, it is the serif I have a problem with? It is deffo down the right alley, but I just feel there is space issues, especially with the ampersand?

              p.s. The colours seem to work well too, I can feel a connection with the night/stars theme.

              edit - How about Frutiger for the lower font? I luuuuurve frutiger, it has a class of its own.
              Last edited by mitch@home; 06-09-2005, 11:16 AM. Reason: To declare my love of Frutiger... ;)


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                I'm checking out new fonts right now, i too like frutiger, i'll check it out.


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                  good work keith. i like the simplisity.
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                    I am so glad you decided to cut your loses with the other logos and push yourself with this, nice one.


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                      I have to agree with previous comments regarding the boat. I like the boat shape a lot. The stars and the waves are what don't seem quite right. The whole design of the card is very clean and streamlined while the stars/waves are more whimsical and have a different quirky feeling). A little tweaking with the curves will make them fit in just right. Just my .02! Great job!


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                        Mitch got me looking at the waves closer. What if the waves where facing the other direction? What would it look like? It would be like the ship is cutting through the waves instead of the waves beating on the hull. Am I on something or onto something?
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                          I do like it both ways and the first time i rendered it the waves were facing the other way. I choose this way because it was the less predictable thing to do and i didn't like how the waves and the front of the boat had the same curve, it looked a little boring i guess or too symmetrical. I don't know.. I just like the waves beating on the hull I guess. Story of my life, there's never any smooth sailing. There's my sorry excuse for an answer.


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                            Wouldn't do that. First, as I said in a previous post, the waves and "G" in Graphic Design Co. flow together. Remember this is a logo, not an oil painting or photograph. We don't need to introduce tension. That might have an opposite effect.


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                              Keith, I really dig your new logo. It reminded me of an old logo I did some time ago:

                              And I thought my wave idea was original. ;p Oh well.

                              Looking forward to seeing the finished product!
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