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Rosca's Cafe -- Need help

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  • Rosca's Cafe -- Need help

    I volunteered to do this project for a restaurant called Rosca's Café. I'm creating a new menu for them along with a logo. This is mostly what the logo's intended to look like. I meant to make it flexible for use outside of the decorative frame, also.

    I'm doing this in Illy 9 and using Photoshop effects on it afterward (employed in this example). Here's what's bugging me: The line underneath Rosca's -- I want it to have widened parts but the only way to do that with a line in Illustrator as opposed to a shape is to employ a brush style. However, this just gives it a uniform angle. I need it to be irregular. I'm also having a real problem getting the line to follow the curvature of the word Rosca's uniformly.

    I'm still playing with the typography a little bit, too, so suggestions for that are welcome.
    Creativity is taking what is and bringing in what isn't.

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    "Where everybody knows your name,
    and they're always glad you came..."

    That's what I get from the logo. I'll need some time for it to sink and figure out what I like about it or what needs work.

    What type of restuarant is it? I don't know if I get a feeling from this logo or not.
    Less be more.


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      i didn't see 'cheers' at all.

      i got more of a metropolitain or art deco feel.

      what i would do is object>flatten transparency. be sure to 'convert all strokes to outlines'. then i would use the smooth tool (in the pencil tool has 3 lines on it) and play away. but then, i like doing things the messy way - you get more exciting results.


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        It must have been the colors and the slight movement up from left to right.
        Less be more.


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          Mynock: The restaurant is owned and managed by a Romanian family that I understand are fairly new to the U.S., so they need what help they can get. Their menu is disturbingly over-Americanized, but what can you do. I hear they're good anyway.

          I was getting the cheers vibe a little bit, myself. While it does have the same general lift the Cheers logo has, it'll be more clearly distinguished by the end product. How's the recognition so far?

          Uncle carbunkle: That Metropolitan sign is actually designed more with Art Nouveau principles in mind rather than Deco. From the looks of it, it's very inspired by Mucha's work -- one of my favorite commercial illustrators.

          I'll try out your suggestion. Does Illustrator 10 make this any easier?

          I'm thinking to broaden the lower half of the C and the A in Rosca's. I believe that's one of the things that've been bugging me.
          Creativity is taking what is and bringing in what isn't.


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            i stand corrected. art nouveau. pardonnay mwah.

            i was using illustrator 10. i would try to play with the edges of the type & tie it into the in a piece of metal-work or a stencil...but that's just me.


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              That's a good thought, carbunkle. I'll play around with that idea.
              Creativity is taking what is and bringing in what isn't.


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                Very Toulouse Lautrec like , i really like it.

                But i would use plane colors!!

                I have nothing to say, The Strokes...


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                  It looks vintage like a 20's retaurant, I like it. I would also use solid colors. Maybe you could draw various lines on paper and then scan them in and trace & clean them up in illy. That's what I usually do with illustrations. Or print the whole thing out and use tracing paper to go over it and modify your lines and then scan it back in and redraw with the pen tool.






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