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    we launched our first site last week.

    check it out @

    please give us and critique and/or feedback.



    dirty ego

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    I like the entry page, it shows creative thinking. As I am sure many others will enjoy providing their feedback, I will keep this short (sometimes I get started and end up typing much more than I planned). Although I like the idea of the entry page, it lacks clarity and it fails to provide a clear indication of what you do. This could cause disappointing click through rates. It is also somewhat difficult to read.

    My very first thought is the Flash only. I am glad you put the progress indicator in, it shows good Flash design. However, offering no HTML alternative will send more than a few potential clients elsewhere. If you want to present the idea that you only do work that is outside the box, then this will be effective, but if I were a client looking to promote canned goods to retirees, I would not go beyond that nice intro page.

    I offer this only for thought because marketing to a niche is great policy. If you want to reach across a broader spectrum, this site will not work. Either way, you can benefit from providing some content before going to the third page because very few will go that far to get at it.

    Steve Chittenden

    Graphic design, web design, professional writing, and marketing.

    "Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure, than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in the gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat."
    -- Theodore Roosevelt


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      beautiful work.... im sure the html version will follow in time, but for now thats a wicked start... only thing im not so sure about is the photo in the background on each screen... sometimes it works and sometimes not...


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        Totall agree with the above comments.

        Once in though, yes you are both very proficient, the site is smooth and is very easy to navigate indeed - a total success, and I love your portfolio. The site has a cool feel with nice space and full bleeds, but I would remove a few of the projects, off the top of my head - the centre parks menu and 1 other...

        ...actually I like the delaney perreau mark, but the stationery needs some serious attention, the type set is very poor, also the tint in beauty 2 u is just a bit generic compared to your mark (which I also like a lot) and would best be left out, use the white space better, not sure how at the mo, but these drop the overall standard of your work.

        Actually just had another look, and your type skills could be tightened up a little, just a closer attention to kerning etc.

        But this is a minor aspect as you show a good understanding of typography, far far better than anyone on my degree!

        But yes I like it a lot. I really like it loads. Love your name and mark too!

        I can see a good future for you guys, that I am sure of.

        p.s. Is it really 3-1 women to men ratio in Nottingham?
        Only dead fish follow the current...


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          Originally posted by Mitch Wood
          p.s. Is it really 3-1 women to men ratio in Nottingham?
          3-1... It's dropped. When i was about 18/19 the myth said 5-1! I never did get around to going though lol!

          I really like your portfolio, the site's nice and smooth, easy to navigate etc...


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            Yeah I went to have a look around there in '96, it did seem pretty poo-nah-ni-tastic, but then again it looks like these guys would have been working far too hard to realize the potential of the lovely ladieeeees there!
            Only dead fish follow the current...


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              welcome to the forum, dirty ego(s)

              typo on center parcs menu description. even if B2U was a student project, you should throw some descriptive text in there - seems a bit suspect, otherwise.

              do i spy a few free fonts in there...? can be a bit of a death nell, but i think you guys have shown a lot of creativity and even restraint!

              if you're moving in the same collaborative vein as big animal or ... damn...what's the name of them kids in london that did the orange phone animations?...whatever - you two will do alright - congratulations on the site!


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                Actually I think I am deffo wrong!!!!
                Last edited by Mitch Wood; 06-10-2005, 09:27 AM. Reason: For being a dimwitt!
                Only dead fish follow the current...


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                    let's make ceasers' and have done with it.



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                      Uncle you are a crazy cat!
                      Only dead fish follow the current...


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                        it's true.


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                          What's true?

                          a. You are a crazy cat.
                          b. Tomato did design the orange animations.
                          c. I am a dimwitt for getting it wrong...
                          Only dead fish follow the current...


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                            all of the above.


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                              Only dead fish follow the current...






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