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    Here's one of three or four business cards I did since my last post.

    He said "I want it to look powerful and big. I want it a little bit modern looking but also a little bit classic (Ech.). This electro therapy is truly the future of fitness, so I need something on the card that's clean and represents physical perfection."

    Heh. Alright. Powerful and Big. Of course I had a few sketches and a bunch of pages of brainstorming, but I've abridged it for here. I came up with trains and airplanes for powerful. I came up with the world and oceans for big. Eventually I deduced that planes and trains are powerful because they're made of something solid: metal. I decided chrome is almost metal and looks way cooler than normal metal. Okay, chrome. No wait, brushed chrome. Plus, that's kind of trendy and modern. Done.

    Ocean. Big. Dark blue. Done. Dark blue and chrome. Big and powerful.

    I used the curves to suggest the absense of boundaries, growth, expanse. They're bent and "made out of metal," suggesting incredible strength, while the curve is even and gentle, representing crontrol and ability. Eventually i decided, when looking through a history book my mom gave me forever ago, that roman and greek sculpture represents physical perfection. Scuplted physical flawlessness. OH! It's also that classical addition i was looking for.

    I think I might have liked to have used a serif somewhere. The typography doesn't quite hit the mark, IMO (I'm still learning). The text on the back also feels kind of dropped in and unfinished. MSpaint style. However, I did get an email saying, basically, that they loved it.

    Let me know what you think.

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    Image, I am going to suggest not using so many different font styles and sizes. I count at least 6: black, gradient filled with white outline, white, white with black outline, white italics, and white with black outline w/plus kerning.

    Please take this with all my good intentions. I am not trying to sound superior. But good typography is not about using all the bells and whistles in one shot and is usually an earmark of someone that IS just learning about typography. I know you state that this is something that you are still learning. So I hope that this will not create discomfort.

    A few font observations:
    1. The black font does not work as it is getting completely lost.
    2. Maybe move all of your copy on the second card and justify right.
    3. Bold the white instead of outlining it in black.
    4. Make the bullets or dots in the dot com larger and more visible.

    Other observations

    1. This view of the male statue looks as though he is smelling his armpit, not sculpting his body.
    2. I like the woman statue, but it is so hard to see (could just be my gamma)

    I will leave off for now.

    I like the color blue.
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      Some points well taken, others I happen to disagree.

      Here are some tenative corrections.
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        Better. Still would prefer to see the www and com in white.

        Can you try adding a little leading between name and wellness advisor? Maybe more like the leading your have for the "As featured" text.

        Also I would not spread the type on the web site address, it only makes it harder to read and does not add anything to the design.
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        Through the Looking Glass


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          Originally posted by Vikia
          Better. Still would prefer to see the www and com in white.
          Definately!! You can't even see it....I didn't know what he was talking about at first...then I finally saw it. Or even a lighter shade of dark blue.

          I like the second version of the card lots better.....nice card!
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            I love the images/graphics/theme. But I agree with vikia about the typography. I don't think you need those black strokes around the text in the back at all. I like the text placement better on the 2nd version. I'd say the most important thing to fix is the front text though, even if you keep those colors, you need to really fix the kerning. Look at the space in n-e-w and then look at how tight everything else is, actually too tight imo. I think you did an great job on the photos/graphics. One more big problem is the phone number doesn't work, i tried to make a prank, *cough* I mean call.
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              I don't think that the text matches your imagery. You have this nice, classical thing going on, try and find a font that speaks more towards something historical (probably a serif font), I'd ditch the gradient in the text as well.
              I like the imagery.
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                Hey Image. Very well thought out, nice direction chosen. That kind of research pays off. Well composite design.

                Now for the hard part. Excuse me by all means if I have stepped on your toes by editing your graphic. Being all artist here, I believe a visual explanation is easier understood than words.

                Anyway I thought the graphic was very nice. Real strong. But I saw the URL competing with your statue. Having Text going across a number of background images (statue, purple back) makes a nightmare to read. The shapes of the letters of a long URL is already a lot to digest by the eye.

                So I came up with this idea. A steel-looking subtitle block, which had the name. I also emphasized the word "BODY", since that’s what were are targeting.

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                  Keith, I made the kerning on the URL shift, because if it is all even the separate words are illegibile. By overlapping and spacing, I could correct it a little bit. Certainly a great observation and I will play with other ways to make is even and legible. As far as the number goes, AHAHAHAHA.

                  Skinns...damn, you're good. I build one similiar and presented it because I certainly like yours better. Funny, he happened to like the original.

                  Thanks for the constructive crit everyone. I really appreciate it!

                  I'll revise a new one and show it off in a little.

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                    I realize the dilema in the readability of the web address, however I would try flopping 2 colors every other word or dropping the address all together and just use the words like skinns did and maybe put the address on the back. Anyway good luck, keep us updated.


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                      One trick I have used to get type to pop over varied background colors is to dup the layer and then offset the back layer a few points down and to the side, either black over white or white over black. It's kind of a drop shadow but everything is solid.


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                        I don't think I would make prank calls to a gun club.
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