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  • Ahh My Websites Almost Done!

    Hey my favorite graphic design forum friends,
    Im back and the reason i have been gone so long is because I have been working on getting my site up, its almost at completion and I wanted opnions on it!!!
    please check it out
    This is my first time actually using go live and doing everything myself I am very excited it has opened up a whole new door,


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    It apears you used tables. I would center the whole shebang, to begin with.

    Also, it seems you built this all in photoshop and sliced it up. It looks pretty good, your technique is a little flawed though.

    All of your text and be typed into the table cell in a gray background, it doesnt have to be an image. You can code a lot less by using CSS rather than HTML, but by using an image for all of your text you're killing your bandqidth, as well as dialup users.

    Definitely a good start though. It looks nice; and don't worry, everyone does it their first time.
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      well I don't know about it. You need to push it a bit more I think. First, Why do you have a splash screen? If your going to have one, it needs to say something (i.e. requires flash, 1024x 768, something more then just enter) Why is type on rjphoto different on the splash screen from the normal page. I don't like the huge huge huge logo over the top banner on the main page. If your going to use that type as your logo, then scale it way down, and lose the drop shadows or whatever photoshop effect you used on it. I think you need to pick up a book on typography and visual hierarchy. My eyes are wondering all over the place. And whats with "THE NEW LOOK" in the top right hand corner. I don't know if you went to school for graphic design, but all of your work on flyers, business cards, etc.. doesn't look real professional. Most of it looks like you just use cheezy photoshop filters. You can't rely just on filters to get you through design, you must be able to make something cool without a filter. If you didn't go to school, please pick up some books and read, teach yourself.
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        RJP, not all of what bob said is true, necessarily.

        I learned the trade by immersing myself in it. I made a lot of really terrible designs before i started to get the hang of it (hell, a lot of my stuff still IS really terrible). A couple books might help, but don't get down. No one does it exactly perfect the first time, what matters is you have an excellent and solid START. Granted, I would reslice it completely, but at least you have the experience, and that's what matters.

        I would certainly push it a bit more. Where's the COLOR? The splash page isn't really necessary, and, like I said, don't make all the text images, your slicing skills need a lot more practice (but every first time web designer has that SAME problem)

        What matters is you did it, at least. Where's my website? That's right. You certianly have 100% more site than me, professional looking or not - and all that crap is a matter of opinion. Make what YOU like. What you think represents YOU. We'll tell you your kerning is a little of here, lose this or that effect, and clean it up. Other than that, you're doing fine.

        Bob might just have a case of the mondays.

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          Wow its been a while since I have been on here, and I guess the content has changed I used to get very positive motivating responses, Thank you Image for your kind words. I didnt go to school for graphic designing, I am actually in the process of going now. And this is my first website, and i do think it represents me I enjoy the work that I do, and the people that I do work for are happy as well, and thats what matters to me, I plan to improve greatly, I was simply asking for opnions (but everyone is entitled to theirs)
          Keep em coming,
          Image - I am working now on getting everything into text, but Im not sure how so I reading a few thigns on how and I am going to update the whole thing I am just learnign how to use Go live as well

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            It's a very bad idea to simply slice up a Photoshop template.


            You have no real's all nothing but images. What if images fail to load because of some server glitch? What do the end users see? Nothing.

            You'll never be indexed by search engines this way.....there is no text content for them to find!

            It's fine to design a site's layout with Photoshop, but should never use it's output to html feature. Slice up the image elements and code them in yourself. Photoshop's output code is not pretty, not valid, not good. Use actual text not 'image text'.

            Think of the people that will actually be using the site...the end users are the ones you need to keep in mind while you are developing a site.
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