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  • Pocket Crops logo design

    Hey everyone. I'm working on a freelance job right now. The company's called Mapshots and they have a product called "Pocket Crops." I'm not sure how much I can tell you about the product, but basically it helps farmers keep track of how much they plant, how much they yeild, etc. I have two versions of a logo that I'm pretty happy with, but I'd like to get some opinions. I like the blockier one better because it feels stronger and more masculine. I'm also not sure about colors because I can't print anything out at the moment, so I can only see them on my screen. Comments, suggestions?
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    Sounds like what would happen if you didn't wash your jeans for a couple months.


    Hey I like the first one. It's cute. It would work well.

    The second one is fr more commercial though, looks like it's targeted toward larger companies. It would work well too.


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      the second one is alot stronger big bold lines and solid areas of colour, very big business-like and could be used with varying size. I agree with Keyare, the first one is more cute and environmental looking, especially with the leaf. I think the second one is the type of logo that you could paint across the side of a warehouse but both of them are very good.
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        I find the first one more successfull then the second.

        However, the typography is very blane in the first.

        I suggest you work on finding a better type face for the first one.

        After you will have a strong design on both ends of the spectrum - identity and type associated with it.


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          Excellent word. I'm going to start using it.

          I have to agree. The typeface in both logos is a little blane. Try moving it around a bit, changing the size, typeface and kerning. Whatever, just play. The logos themselves are great.


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            Thanks for all the comments guys. I'll see what I can do with the type.



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              I'm gonna go ahead and use the word insipid. You guys use blane. I think the first one is more memorable and creative definitely. I just think the typography is "insipid". Filled with insipidity. Very vapid. Or jejune if you will. Work on the type and I think you'll have a weiner!! Anywho, I do like the 2nd one too however it is very corporate looking.

              No, I wasn't using
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                were you using
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                  I dig the second one as well. While it is a tad more "corporate", it communicates a stronger farmer vibe than the first. Maybe a different shape for the logo might do the trick. Keep us posted!
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                    I looked at them both really quickly and the second one stuck in my head much more than the first one, although the first one is good I think the second one is much more memorable, it makes a bolder statement.
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                      OK FINE I was using now layoff!!!


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                        ooh! layoffs! Me first! ME!!! ME!!!

                        I know EXACTLY what I would do for the rest of the summer!
                        "It's never too late to be who you might have been." - George Eliot


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                          I agree with most of whats been said here, even the use of the word

                          I really like the first logo...but...I definately think #2 works better for this. #1 doesn't say "farmers" and "crops" to me..its to light and flowy (flowy? is that a word?) You get what I mean I'm sure tho.

                          #2 has the right feel I think, and it sticks in my head longer too...I do think the typography needs some play time tho.

                          I really like both your concepts. Be sure to post your revisions too

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                            Originally posted by morea
                            ooh! layoffs! Me first! ME!!! ME!!!

                            I know EXACTLY what I would do for the rest of the summer!

                            Here's your pink slip morea. (hands over the slip) reads: due to budget cuts we are forced to lay off 1 employee and unfortunately you are the 1. Have a nice summer.


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                              lol. "Aw shucks"
                              "It's never too late to be who you might have been." - George Eliot






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