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    Hi. What du u think about my page? It's completely handwritten and created with html/css. the content doesn't matter, i think u don't understand it. But what do u like/dislike at the layout/design? thanks for answering.

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    Good work - although language is no-where near to what i know, the site at first looks a bit scary.... what is it about??? could u organize a color change??? something light??


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      Ich denke, daß es sehr gut schaut. Ich wünsche, daß ich css verwenden konnte. Geben Sie mir ein Bier bitte jetzt!


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        zog zog
        My head hurts
        ....................( I )


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          Thanks for the answers. Good German, and the beer is the best in the whole world. lol. There's no special topic, it's only to present my friends the latest news/pics and to communicate via internet. I built it in my freetime, just for fun. And CSS is not that difficult you think. It makes many things easier. The page should look a bit scary, it should represent a bit underground-feeling. And lighter colors would destroy the atmosphere I think. But it's so easy to change the color with css. just some clicks and the whole sites gets a new color.






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            I don't see it, either. But I'm not sure I want to, lol.
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