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  • To know about building a portfolio

    Hello all:

    I am new to this forum and to be frank i came here with little hope of finding the huge universe of information here...

    Well, talking business, i want to know a way to showcase my works online - other than going for an expensive as well as free (but full of pop-ups) website.. u said there's a way?? Well, i would appreciate if someone of you could share your ideas and knowledge. Just in case you know some addresses that showcase good portfolios, do share them too...

    i thank you all from the bottom of my heart...

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    welcome to the forum, raj.

    i don't know precisely what you would like to showcase, (ie. what sort of work would you like to display? how much work? who is your main audience?), but to get an idea of how to showcase, just google 'online portfolio' or 'artists' or 'designers' and have a look at what other people are doing out there...

    you can find some interesting portfolio samples in the Ultimate Resource Thread, here.

    ...unless you need to know something specific about web design, in which case you need to narrow down your question a little! good luck.


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      Thanks a ton!!

      Hi friend:

      That was pretty quick - and i was amazed i missed out the most important part... i am into Graphic Design at this point in time (without an art school qual) all by my interest and want to establish myself in this vast field. Of course, I would like to venture into web design, but not immediately. My immediate goal is to attract some firms / people that look for freelance work.

      I have been looking at those links under 'Ultimate Resources' - and what should I say... its all marvellous...!!

      thanks again






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