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    The coin set was nice but it bothered me that the coin lacked basis to stand no. So I supplied a new self made PS bckg instead of searching the web, and the coin now sits well:

    I'm a C4D fan..

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    Why does the coin in the stand you made have jagged edges when the others behin it are smooth? And it also looks like the stand you made is translucent, so shouldn't the coin in the stand be showing through a little also?






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      I agree that having a baby in an ad for alcohol isn't a good idea. While it may be funny to a small demographic (most of whom probably aren't drinking age yet), most people are going to find this distasteful....
      Today, 09:49 PM
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      Also, the "under" a bottle line was meant to illustrated how you will neglect to turn the bottle down when you lift it up to drink. Technically when you lift a bottle to drink, you're...
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      To rockinthisworld,

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      I'll leave the truck talk to people who know things about trucks, but here are my thoughts.
      • The line that's supposed to indicate the ground doesn't add anything to the illustration.
      • The line framing
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      Comment on Left, Right or Keep Trying Kiddo
      I do agree and would like to see how that would look on the logo instead of the full P1L
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