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    Any constructive criticism is well appreciated! I'm trying to put a portfolio together, so I want to make sure my work is well perfected before I do so.

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    Some suggestions:-

    -Try making the top of the box lighter (almost the same shade as the rest of the box but very slightly darker)

    - Try to do away with the slogan. Typically whenever a slogan accompanies a logo in just the collateral identity piece alone, the brand is perceived (to me) to be "trying too hard"--especially if its a design shop. If not, then definitely try to rework the placement of it

    - Drop the drop shadows

    Note that these are just some experimental recommendations---fool around with them if you are bored. Right now, I would say the logo is good to go anyways.

    Remember to fret more about the quality of your work than the logo itself. You could pencil sketch a dry turd on the front and they wouldnt care as long as your work is solid.

    Best of luck!--I really like the designs.
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      Originally posted by GreenThumb
      Remember to fret more about the quality of your work than the logo itself. You could pencil sketch a dry turd on the front and they wouldnt care as long as your work is solid.
      lol. I'm sure people would love that!

      i agree mostly with greenthumb though, so 'echo' all of his suggestions. drop shadows are not very easy to work with, i.e. getting them to look right in everypossible instance of your logo is difficult. Your 5 looks a little skewif. How did you place it there? did you just skew it? or did you add it when you extruded the square?
      My fav colour is definitely the teal one. (Well 'light teal' anyway, almost mint.)
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        Congratulations on some good work... this logo has great potential.

        It is rather typographic in nature, which prompts a spacing observation: the "stu" spacing is consistent, but is much tighter than the "dio" group; and the "u-d" space is quite big.

        With that "clarity" reference in the tag line I don't understand why an opaque cube is used as the logo icon. Would a hint of transparency be appropriate? (My own preference would be to omit the tag line.)
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          I agree with killing the drop shadows. I do like the slogan with the logo though. I feel that in many cases, the tight association between the two can strengthen a brand.

          However, I would try and come up with a different slogan. It appears that the 5 and 2 are on a cube/box. So why not work up a variation of the "outside the box" idea? Just my .02. Good luck!

          Edit: I just saw Dana's comment and I think an opaque cube would definitely work with the slogan. Great idea!
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            osmosis, if you want experience for your portfolio I would strongly recommend volunteering for a non-profit agency like an animal shelter, childrens organization, or another cause you believe in.

            Those are the only types of organizations that should receive free work. To "give away" graphic design work for experience or whatever reason is a highly unethical practice and really cheapens our industry. We don't condone that here on GDF. That's why your other post was removed.

            I would recommend asking someone before taking their idea and running with it, as a matter of common courtesy as well as for ethical reasons.
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              here are some ideas for creating portfolio pieces.

              "It's never too late to be who you might have been." - George Eliot


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       I missing something (or am I just V-Twin_gary was just posting something here the other day using Studio 52. Are you the same person with a new screen name or somebody else with the same company name?

                Anyway...I like it. It's a simple logo, nothing fancy, but it looks good. Too me it seems like the spacing in between the letters are off a could stand to be evened up and tightened up a bit.

                I'm not too crazy on any of the colors, but I'd pick the minty green of all of them. Otherwise, looks good.
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                  I've seen this one done a ton of times very similar to this.
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                    i would agree with a lot of the comments posted - especially about dropping the drop shadows. The box is a really nice device to work with, maybe the edges could be softened a little - like the dice you get with rounded edges and the 5 and the 2 could be inset into the box? At the moment the black looks quite harsh, have you tried it at 60 or 80 percent?






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