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    Hey guys,

    I am designing a full page advertisement for a magazine. Deadline is in a week.

    It would be great if i could get some feedback.

    Thanks for any feedback

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    i like the layout / style of 3 with the pic & info from 1
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      Concept #1:
      Needs a better font for the main message. "Your customers are online ...."
      Photo is boring. Good design, but it doesn't grab my attention. If it's in a magazine, you have only a few nanoseconds to grab the reader's attention.

      Concept #2:
      Make the photo larger and the vocal point.
      List the order you want the reader to find/read the information, and then make them in that order of importance. Lead the eye. You need to establish an hierarchy.
      Right now the quote commands more attention then your tag "Website so affordable..." which is the main message that should follow the photo.

      Concept #3:
      Best of the three. Stong layout. More then just one color. It's interesting. Like the others more photo and less text/no photo space.

      What is your audience? What magazine is this going in? This will vary your design alot.
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        i like the first one the best! its very strong and simple, i didnt like the second one though i thought the layout was quite weak.
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          i think the first one has the most potential. i like the concept and colors you have going, but i think the deep red is really competing with the photo, so there isn't a main focal point.
          try enlarging your photo area and decrease the deep red area.
          also try increasing the size of your Header to 'jump out' more, and then decrease the size of you bullets and copy.


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            I liked layout #3 the best. It was the most visually interesting and the only one that caught my attention. But I think this is because I love the swan photos. Not sure it will translate to your target customer.

            I agree that #1 is boring and the message is not cutting edge at all.

            Seems like most businesses are already there anyway. So maybe you go after the Redesigners instead. Make the message simple? "Time for a redesign?" You could show a comp of really bad web design with a made up company and point out all the things that need changed (like on a comp with edits) in handwriting. Point out some common usability mistakes etc.

            This will likely catch the attention of new sites as well.
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              It seems to me all three have to much of an equalness to the content presented. nothing jumps out at you. mynock is really correct with the nanoseconds. you need to to grab them. The ads are almost to nice and simple looking. Ever see those old VW ads? they were cool because they started that trend where you'd have a single image with some small print on the top of the page. I would scale back some of the details and focus more on the real message. I like the tagline about the customers, but those pictures don't seem like they portray the average customer.


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                Wow, thanks for all the feedback.. alot of good pointers.

                The ad will be posted in a Local magazine called Next Level Magazine. Next Level Magazine is based in Delaware and goes out to 3 states (DE, PA, NJ), the target readers are urban professionals. You can check them out at

                Yes, I agree about the nanoseconds to attract. The goal with the ad design is to attract and impress, the ad will be printed on 100lb gloss paper, the quality should be superb. The design is get the readers attention and also show them our quality in design. Once the ad has their attention it will probably have less than 2 seconds to get the reader to remember us. I guess thats where wordings and tag lines come in (a trade i'm not good at. heh..).

                So far alot of people are liking the #1 and #3 concepts. Tough call.. heh..
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                  Originally posted by vtwin_gary
                  i like the layout / style of 3 with the pic & info from 1
                  I was going to say the same thing.
                  "Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works."
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                    #3 has my vote. It's the most interesting and the least resemblant of the competition I've seen. I also appreciate the curve it has, as it really helps capture the interest of the eyes than a more linear layout would. The other two are too corporate looking for my taste.

                    Btw, I checked out your portfolio. Very, very nice.
                    Creativity is taking what is and bringing in what isn't.


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                      I didnt like any of the ads at all.

                      So, I went to your website to look at your portfolio. I know it and you know it--you can do MUCH better.

                      Scrap everything, go back to the drawing board and revolve your ad around a central image. Use the images as a metaphor. For example you highlight the fact that companies need to start getting online because their customers are.

                      A very off the the top of my head pictoral representation of this could be the symbolism of distance.

                      You can do better. Dont submit these I hope I am not offending you.


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                        I agree ^
                        Less be more.


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                          LoL! Thank you, GreenThumb i gave some thought to what you said, I gave it another try.

                          The advertisements i designed are very different compared to whats out on magazines these days. So many of the advertisements are boring, barely any creativity. Some of them have strong messages but nothing that really catches the eye.

                          Unfortunatly my message isn't that strong since i suck at writing, but the creativity is pleasing. Hopefully that will win over some leads.

                          I have another concept on the site. If you care to take a look and shoot over your opinion.


                          - Carlos
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                            It's much much better. I like concept 4, but there is one slight change/issue. From the photo where you ask me if I am online my eye follows the white area down and you tell me about full color business cards and postcards. I think you should. You are asking me if I am online and you follow it up with business cards and postcards, which doesn't help me get online. I also would change the font and possibly the layout for "Did you know ... website that won't empty your wallet." You might be to close to the curve. You also might want to indent the paragraph.
                            Less be more.


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                              well, I didn't see the previous versions, so I'll comment on these.

                              Definitely use concept 4 here. It may look more corporate, but I don't see a swan have anything to do with web services. (unless I'm totally missing something)

                              The structure of the bottom needs to be reworked. I see the headline, and then immediately go to "full color business cards... postcards..." Eh? I thought this ad was for web design. If you must have that information, don't put it in the white space that stands out. As for the rest, it's organized well, but try not to use so many different fonts and styles of the font. It can be organized and separated well without the use of all that. You need some grammar corrections in there, too (this may just be a 1st draft of the text), but it should read more like this:

                              "Your competitors are taking your customers...
                              Is your website up-to-date? Do you even have a website? You may be losing your customers to your competitors that have established a web presence. Consumers are now using the Internet as their #1 source of information and shopping. At Driliquid Studio, we design profexxional quality websites that won't empty your wallet."






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