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  • rapidfire designs buissness card

    I am just about finished with my buissness card designs... soon to be accompied by a website.

    The name of website/buissness is rapidfire design.

    Comments, critiques, etc- all welcome.

    However, two question i would like to ask are the colors chose in two or three more sucessfull in comparison? Also, would you find the black and white(one) to have a more "powerfull" presence then the ones in color(two and three)?


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    I think I like layout #2 the best. The color is cool. I like the front design but something about it bothers me...maybe the website needs to be pushed down and to the right...then again, maybe it's just me.

    The back, I'm not sure of. The layouts are kinda small and fuzzy, but it looks as though you have info in the blue too which ties to the middle copy. If so, I think all of that middle copy should fall to the right and follow along the edge of the blue. The contact and logo at the bottom could stay to the left where it is.

    Just my .02. Can't wait to see your website. Nice work.
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      Is it just me or does anyone else find the text very tiny. I can't even read it on a 19" monitor at probably 1.5x actual size.


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        Yeah, I couldnt read anything either. I hope these arent the files you send to print.


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          The print files will be ai files.

          These are showing up very fuzzy on the web and i don't think my image hosting enlarged them, but i'll check on that.

          The text is so small because of the look i wanted to achieve. In illustarator it looks readable. However, I might fool around with making it a bit larger to see what I can do.

          suggestions on making it more successfull are welcome also.


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            In Illustrator on your monitor it looks fine (are you looking at it at actual size on your monitor or at 400%) but you are doing knockout text on business card stock...
            It may look fuzzier than my monitor when handed back to you.

            In a business card there is a difference between 'tasteful' and 'legible'. If I can't read a business card from my Rolladex while standing at my desk I usually scrawl the number across its face, completely ruining the sublety of the design intent. Yours I would just replace with a handwritten card cuz I can't see my scrawlings written over the black or dark sections (assuming it is worthy of keeping).
            But that's just me.
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              I enlarged the text and here is the result.


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                I have the same comments about the size of the type, and your second example is much better. What point size have you actually used?

                BTW, to get the spelling of 'business' wrong once is a typo, but three times...?


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                  I like the front of card. Nice clean colours etc..
                  The prob is the back for me........maybe change up the font..... drop the contact: it looks really dated compared to the front. How many fonts are involved? Italics everywhere keep it clean like the front the front is really elegant.


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                    The only thing I have to comment on is your email address. Your web address is You should have an email address to reflect it. It' just more professional.

                    The first reaction I had when seeing your email was STUDENT. That's probably not the impression you are trying to show.

                    Changing your email to would be make for a "business" card.
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                      The card is nice and clean, and I like your design...but I think where it says "email, website, phone, and fax" gets a little lost in tha deep color. Maybe you could lose where is says "email & website" bc those two are obvious and then just put phone and fax before the numbers they go with. I see the idea of wanted copy in that dark space, bc you have it on the front, but I don't think its necessary to the design...know what I mean?
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                        Theres something about the alignment of your email, website, phone and fax that doesn't quite mesh with the rest of the design. I know you were trying to align it to the diagonal line, but what is the reason for the varying indentions?

                        Also your contact name on the back side of the card is too far up compared to the company name and tag line at the bottom corner.

                        I still think you might want to enlarge the text a bit, esp. on the front side of the card.






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