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  • My Gallery!

    Hi to all! I've been visiting this forum for a while now, but this is the first time I actually post.

    I'd like to see what type of constructive criticism or feedback I can get from you guys on my work. For the moment its just my DA gallery (I don't have a site up yet, but I am in the process) which doesnt feature any of my student work, its just digital art I guess you can call it?!

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    Really nice work there Ally. You've got a great sense of colour throughout your gallery. I also like the way that you have a wide variety of pieces that are different but yet have a definite decorative style running through them.

    I love 'Lighter' by the way keep it up


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      Thankyou! Two things I always want to display in my work are variety and consistency. I try but I know I still have a lot of practice to go...


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        Good work. Stay versatile though---Ive seen so many graphic designers start out with collages and never grow out if it.

        I saw some designs I really liked.


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          alright! now i feel so inadequate

          i'm just going to stay away from that site so i feel better about myself
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          I work while you are all asleep...


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            hey ally
            your art was truly amazing and is inspiring
            i was wondering if you could give me a few tips on how to creat desgins and graphics like yours, im just starting out with photoshop and am wanting some new things to try out


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              i think i know what you mean! by no means do i think i'm "good" especially when i see others work on there that is sooo creative and flawless. But i think it's a good engine for motivation and inspiration, so thats why I'm still on there :/


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                Originally posted by mrmiatch
                hey ally
                your art was truly amazing and is inspiring
                i was wondering if you could give me a few tips on how to creat desgins and graphics like yours, im just starting out with photoshop and am wanting some new things to try out
                I appreciate your kind comment! I've been working on photoshop for 2 years, I'm still a student but there's always something new to learn on it...IT NEVER ENDS!! Sure I can give you some tips


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                  very nice work. good eye for composition.


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                    Collages like this seem very trendy nowadays. You can see relatives of it in places like the the poster for the new Herbie flick, albeit that's done in vector.

                    I don't let the fact that it's trendy get in the way of liking it. Good job, mate.
                    Creativity is taking what is and bringing in what isn't.


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                      yea it is quite a trend, it's kind of difficult at times avoiding the MANY trends nowadays. If you think about it, it all kind of is a trend...minimalism, digital collages, paint splatters/drips....Can't help it sometimes! :/

                      I think the key is executing those trends very well, that will get attention to one's work


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                        I personally to not prefer the collage type "trendy" method of design.

                        Setting aside my personal view, i find your compostions and use of color very successfull.

                        good job.


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                          nice work ally, now could you help me figure out how to put work up in a gallery on deviant art. I just signed up but can't seem to figure it out.

                          .....update: I forgot to verify my account, maybe now I got it.
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