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  • my portfoilo website

    hi I am a graphics and multimedia person from Lahore. I have made my first portfolio website and I'd love to hear comments and advices from all you creative designers.

    thanks, Fazal
    I have finally defined life!
    "A good learning experience"

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    Hi Fazal, welcome to the forum. Please be patient and I'm sure some folks will be happy to give you their feedback on your site. I deleted your duplicate post, because we try to keep things tidy here.

    "It's never too late to be who you might have been." - George Eliot


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      ok i understand!
      I have finally defined life!
      "A good learning experience"


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        Very impressive Fazal, I really like it and I think you have some very good stuff there with lots of potential.

        I think though that the navigation needs work in the portfolio section. It's a little confusing switching back & forth from clicking on the words for the links to the circles for other links.

        Also the various bright rainbow colors don't mix well with the feel of your site especially in the skills section. Also in the skills section I don't think the arial font works plus it looks like the only place you use that font.

        In the portfolio section under miscellaneous using all of the circles for links is annoying because there are so many and they look the same I forget which one I just clicked. I would use numbers or a pop up window with next & back buttons like some of the other stuff.

        I think you have some good stuff in your portfolio but you need to get rid of some of the stuff that's not so good. You have too much stuff, good & bad mixing together. Show only the best.

        Oh yeah and in the print section with the poster that says Lahore's Best Hard Rock Acts, I know that photo can't be yours of the vietnam guy with the guitar, you found that on the internet. I know because I used it in a flyer I made for my band 4 years ago, I found it on google. Not really prefessional I know but I wouldn't use stuff that uses pictures you've just found by googling.

        One more note I would lay off the gradients on the logos, it looks like you have some very good logo designs there and you should show off the versions that are just one or two colors to show how strong they are as logos. Well that's my 3 cents, overall I think it has a lot of potential. Good job!!
        Last edited by keith1; 07-13-2005, 09:04 AM.


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          the website is pretty simple to navigate and the links all seem to work right. I bet it was a lot of work to code all of that!

          I like the pop up window that lets you scroll through the logos... but if I may humbly suggest, you might want to configure it the same way throughout that page... have the "websites", "print", "flash" etc work the same way, or change the logo display to match the way the other categories are set up. People don't typically like to have to think too much when looking at a site.

          Overall, well done!
          "It's never too late to be who you might have been." - George Eliot


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            oh, and one more thing, you might want to be careful sharing your personal information - age and gender particularly. Some people are biased and might think that you are "too young" to design professional work, etc.

            when in doubt, I leave it out.
            "It's never too late to be who you might have been." - George Eliot


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              Plus in a year from now you'll have to change that number.


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                Sorry Fazal, not much time to comment constuctively on your site, but I did notice your pdf for your cv/resume is 704.8mmx2432mm, that is pretty big, most employers like too print out the resume and file it (mne is 210x297 English A4), but yours might not have as much power when sifting throgh those cv's as it will just be stored online.
                Only dead fish follow the current...


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                  Also in your cv, your bullett points are somewhat 'dodgy' have a read at this.


                  p.s. forgot to say though, (even though this is probably useless to ya) but I like the site.
                  Only dead fish follow the current...


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                    There's a great effort in your site, and it is noticeable. I really liked some of your logos, BUT I think you should get rid of some of those drop shadows on some of those just to make them look more professional. A strong logo like Keith mentioned can stand alone with either one or two colors. Aside from that, the only other thing that kind of bothered me was numerous amount of fonts you used, esp. on the "self" section.

                    Just my .02


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                      ease back on the special effects, know when to use them. good design doesnt need to be overdone. there are alot of nice details in your work, dont let the 'effects' dominate them.
                      ditto on what ally said about the drop shadows.


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                        First of all may I humbly say that I am really moved for all the time you ppl took and so honestly commented on my website ..."thank you all".

                        Keith1 > I have found the following very honest and valuable

                        * "confusing switching back & forth"
                        ( yeah i know its a confusing but it took me a long time for this navigation i wanted to introduce some new style of navigation, guess i screwed it up a little but fine coz it was a experiment ..... i'll improve it.

                        * "You have too much stuff, good & bad mixing together"
                        (totally agreed )

                        * "lay off the gradients on the logos"
                        (hmm agree but i am feeling a pain in redoing the jpegs, export em, replace em and then upload em... errrrrrr)

                        * they are not circles actually they are infinity signs ...

                        morea> i can't outstubborn you so yeah ure right i should also make the logo the way all the other categories... AND PROBABLY YOU ARE RIGHT about the age and gender thing coz I worked so damn hard on this site and there have not been a single interview call anywhere i have so far applied. thats sh8t man.

                        MITCH WOOD> man help me on this.... i made my portfolio in Fireworks, now i wanted it to be in pdf and i wanted it to be size effective i did a million diffrent ways and this was short enough and readable as well so I sticked to it... If you've got a better way I'd love to know... and got your point abt the bullets points .....thanx for that

                        Ally> yeah there are a zillion fonts there, I kept myself from the font limitation coz i knew it'd be jpeg at the end i just wanted a good design .. thats it

                        thanx again guys ... this is what i call a graphic design forum......

                        p.s. keith1 can you plz identify some of the bad stuff there.....
                        I have finally defined life!
                        "A good learning experience"






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