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    Alright.. I'm due to graduate in about 5 months. I've decided to take on a huge responsibility and create/design a (40-60pg) magazine as my final senior project. I understand the HUGE responsibility this means (as far as money, work, and printing issues) but I still want to take it on.

    Ideally, this magazine will feature music, design, art, and underground fashion.

    I've created a little something that I like for the cover (somewhat minimalistic in its design) but would like to see what others think about it because there's something about it that i'm not quite sure of, eventhough i can't pinpoint it.

    Here's the link:



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    simply put, it doesnt look finished compared to the work youre capable of. maybe a magazine cover should speak of more its contents individual to that issue as opposed to a book cover.


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      hmm..i understand what you're saying and I agree. The thing is..or my objective with this project is to create a "different" type of magazine, an "artsy" magazine (of course this still needs the barcode, price,etc. etc.)

      Whenever I go to Barnes & Noble or any magazine stand, I'm usually attracted to unusual covers, those that don't look like your standard magazine cover.

      aaahh! I dont know, I think I need more opinions to see what I should do.


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        I feel like it's too empty. I know you wanted something minimal, but maybe it's too minimal? Maybe it needs some sort of image or texture? Not sure exactly, just something... sorry I can't be more exact...


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          I like it even though I can't really read the title, is it elefont? I also like the colors a lot, seafoam green with that khaki background, interesting. It would sure get my attention. It is difficult to read but since it's artsy go crazy. I'd like to see a few other versions also with barcodes & any other text you plan to add.


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            i know what youre saying... but let the design speak with more of your voice. make the reader want to pick it up.. not saying to whore it up, just make it interesting. i think the barcode and all that should be included while youre laying out the piece.
            i just see a mast.. id want to see more before i pick that magazine up!


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              The colors would get my attention then I'd pick it up because I'd want to know what in the hell's in it. The cover is a mystery. You know you'd pick it up too Tony if you saw it next to a bunch of other magazines on a rack.


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                I know it's not the best design and it is majorly lacking in concept or any deep thought, but the simplicity alone and the offbeat colors together would get attention and isn't that the point?


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                  ouch, majorly lacking in concept! naw i understand. I dont want the cover to be an artpiece by no means, because I want them to pick it up and wonder what they'll find inside, so I think Keith understand what I'm trying to do.

                  BUT now that I think about it Tony, I agree with you...It is only a masthead at the moment. I shouldn't let that be the whole "design".

                  So I've decided I'm going to add some elements and maybe something that will let the reader know just a tad bit about whats inside.



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                    Don't take it the wrong way, not everything needs a concept. Sometimes just some simple bold colors and a one word is all you need to get attention.


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                      looks like a post card to me. (a well designed postcard) but still a post card.
                      i can't quite read the title of the rag. is it ellefont? is that
                      Lord Ellefont Appledore
                      Late of
                      Her Majesty's Serpentine Gondoliers?

                      if this rag was stuck next to the porn or popular science & i wouldn't pick it up, but maybe in the area that i was looking. add the barcode, price maybe a little info as to what's inside. it could be small & almost hidden. remember the general public is stupid you have to tell them everything.
                      good luck & keep us informed.
                      Steeler Born, Steeler Bred And When I Die I'll be Steeler Dead!


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                        The layout is way to simple.

                        Simple is a good thing but, it needs more to be an effective eye grasper.


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                          any good images from the magazine content itself?

                          or are you trying to design the cover first? (and if so, why?)


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                            Originally posted by uncle carbunkle
                            any good images from the magazine content itself?

                            or are you trying to design the cover first? (and if so, why?)
                            i was looking for feedback on the cover, not on any of the inside spreads as of yet.


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                              Just like a essay genrally it is popular practice to write the body first and the intro last.

                              Like wise I would suggest you put together the body first and worry about the cover design after the body is nearly complete.

                              This way you have a clear understanding of what is actually in the magazine and you can spin the cover off the content inside.

                              Also, before designing any of the layout I would suggest you gather the actual information, instead of going in blind.

                              ... just a suggestion






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