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My "Hello" and my design.

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  • My "Hello" and my design.

    Hello everyone,

    This is my first post on the forums and I'd like to introduce myself. I'm actually the editor-in-chief of my yearbook and I'm only a senior in high school, but I've always loved design of any sort (I was started at an early age by trips to IKEA) and have always been crazy.

    For an Economics project, I was asked to design a brochure outlining my own imaginary company. For the project, I created [!] and Co., my own dream design and advertising firm. So, my folder became a 18"x12" sheet of black paper with the sides folded in two form two flaps with a larger space inside.

    My business add was this:

    The two outer flaps were then cut (by hand, since I didn't have a printer doing this, sadly enough), to reveal the exclamation mark.

    The outer flaps were designed like so:

    And the inside flaps like so:

    I tried to stay very unified throughout my entire design. The logo and name of the company became an over-arching theme for me, reflected in the larger, but rather transparent, brackets on the flaps. I understand that it is lacks color and punch, but I was shooting for a good sound design that could carry the volume of information required for the project.

    This was my first truly independent design and I'd love to get feedback from any and everyone.

    Faithfully yours,
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    Your intent is keen but, technical and creative aspects need some addressing.

    Your typography and pictures lack a sense of placement.

    Everything just seems to be "thrown" together without taking effective communication practices into consideration.

    Thus, non of your layouts seem unified.

    The typ is miss-aligned everywhere. Whether intentional or not this really making the composition abstract rather then straight forward.

    Your key goal (i assume) is to present information enhanced by design.

    The "effects" you have going are not working at all. The L shaped thingies just seem as if they placed there to fill a gap or something. It seems like they just don't belong and are thrown on for the satisfaction of the creater. When in reality they should just be left out or replaced to emphasis the text... if possible.

    Also, technically speaking it looks as if the whole layout was created in a raster type program. Generall you should create page layouts in a vector program or a program designed for print (ie. indesign, pagemaker, etc.)

    Now about the cover.

    Simple is good... glad I don't see a million filter effects that have purpose. You get a plus for that one.

    However, you have placed your key component directly in the center. This is all good and dandy but, upon doing that you have created a major focal point that my eye just keeps comong back to while reading the below type.

    Also, your middle has just so much going on.

    In contrast to the negative space. Tis is making your design unbalanced and it does not seem unified at all. Also, the type just seems as if it is stuck on that page also... just to get it done. The type should reinforce the imagery.

    In the end, I find your design unsuccessfull on design grounds. However, The communication you have achieved. I can clearly read the text. The text isn't in colors or on top of colors which it becomes invisible.

    The text is clear. - good job

    While, your typography skills need alot of addressing you have successfully presented a mesage.

    Which, is a good thing at yhe level you are at.

    keep working on it.... I remeber my first layout designs... what a mess,lol. Lets just say yours are much more successfull-ha.

    non the less, good job for the level you are at.


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      I'll just respond on a point-by-point basis.

      -The manner in which it's presented here is really bad, just because you can't get the effect of the second and third images actually being separated. So, try and imagine each half of the second and third pages being on their own flap. The physical separation in the real deal helped a lot. Here, it just looks hideous and unplanned.

      -The Ls are actually brackets.

      -I actually exported as JPEGs, because it isn't like this AT ALL when I view it in InDesign.

      -A lot of the wasted space that throws off the alignment is there because it was cut-out for my home-made die cut.

      -For the main page ad, would you like it better if the text was gone completely?

      -As far as typography...what is it, specifically, that's bugging you?

      If anyone wants to see this in InDesign, I'd be more than happy to send the files to them.

      I shot the serif, but I did not shoot the deputy.


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        no! dont send your original files to strangers!


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          ^ good point. There are some nasty people out there who would think nothing of stealing your work.

          thoughtful critique, tZ... nice of you to take the time.
          "It's never too late to be who you might have been." - George Eliot


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            I need to set up a grid :O
            one should decide on a grid at the same time or before you start designing individual pages

            check some of these links to see what I'm talking about.
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              Ally and Morea: Thank you for the advice. It is greatly appreciated.

              Mynock: Yes, I usually design with the grid/column system. It's just that this was a very rushed project and I didn't take as much time as I usually do. But thank you for the input.

              I shot the serif, but I did not shoot the deputy.


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                on a different note... your identity.

                the name of your company is [!] and Co.?

                So, if someone asked the name of your company, would you say, "I am the president of Bracket Exclamation Point Bracket and Company?" I think using the exclamation point as a mark is one thing, but having it be the name of your company is a little confusing.

                Kind of like Prince saying "I no longer have a name... my name is this symbol"
                What? What do I call you then?


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                  I know that the identity thing is terribly confusing. I slapped this together really quickly and didn't spend much time thinking through certain things. It's actually explained in the text (which is impossible to read in this export .JPEG format), that it should be read as "Mark and Co.". I know it's awfully elaborate and unclear, but the identity wasn't really my concern for this project.

                  I shot the serif, but I did not shoot the deputy.


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                    Dont let people stear you away from that mark, its thoughtful and fun. And simply calling it Mark and Co. works just fine, people will remember the symbol. Thats what is most important about a logo, I hate to see things spelled out all the time, this induces some thought.
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