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  • Logo critique

    Hi all,
    I just designed this logo for a web hosting company and would love to get any feedback you have. Thanks in advance!

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    very nice

    I really like your use of color.

    good job

    very successfull


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      Will the logo always appear on a pure white background? How will the cast shadow be handled if the background is another colour? If there is to be a white rectangle behind the logo, should the amount of white to the right be reconciled with the white space above the sphere?

      How do you feel about the letterspacing? ...especially the "er" and "ur" combinations compared to the "rs"? In the word "wrong" the "wr" sequence is much, much tighter than the "ro".

      The cable seems to extend from the right side of the lightning bolt and then curve behind the sphere. Is the other end supposed to be attached to the left side of the lightning or emerge from behind the sphere? If the bottom segment of cable is intended to emerge from behind the sphere, separating it from the lightning bolt might clarify that intent.

      The logo has a good, positive feel.
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        before I comment further I would challenge you to make a black and white 2d version of your logo. This well give you a better feel for composition, and allow you to use it elsewhere besides the web, where it looks like it's intended.
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          I agree with the statements made above.

          Also, you will likely want to have a vector (scalable) version of the logo in case the company wants to put the logo on a billboard, or stationery, or coffee mugs, etc.

          And make sure that the logo works in black and white, too, in case the company ever wants to run an ad in the newspaper or use it on their faxed correspondence.
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            i think they said all that i thought.
            so ...ditto
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              Thanks everyone for your comments so far...
              I actually created the logo in illustrator so it's already "vectorized," here is the bw version
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                good to know!

                I'd just work a bit with the kerning then (as dana pointed out), and call it a day.
                "It's never too late to be who you might have been." - George Eliot


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                  kerning ast dana said, for some reason I really focus in on the white space under both of the r's
                  Less be more.


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                    I agree with Mynock - the "r" letterforms make the name read weird for me.

                    For me personally, the icon is a little "swooshy" or cliche for a web based company.

                    Here's some examples of what I mean:



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                      The only problem is i have is with the way the lightning bolt transitions with the wire on the bottom left.
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                        To see how NOT to make a logo, visit HERE
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                          with how the cable meets the bottom of the lightning, you create a tangent that makes it appear that the cable and lightning are connected there.
                          also, when you add the tag, it appears as tho your logo has contracted plopper's disease in that it seems just arbitrarily placed with no real alignment or relation to the logo proper.

                          just my 2...

                          good start, tho.
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