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Tips to being less distructive while illustrating?

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  • Tips to being less distructive while illustrating?

    If you see my avatar. I drew that. Over the past week I've redrawn that 3 times. I know I need to do things like keeping my original illustrator file (which I've been doing better at). But any tips on how to take my illustration process and change it from just drawing to something that will be more productive and will make me have to go back and redraw the same things over and over?

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    The beauty of Illustrator is that unlike Photoshop, you can just make small adjustments to a line, rather than have to redraw the line over and over to get it right.

    I usually lay down rough lines (using the pen tool) and then tweak it until it is right. Whenever I'm about to make a noticeable correction to my image, I copy and paste it to just outside my artboard. That way I can always revert back to that version if I find I've made a terrible mistake.
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      +1 for what Buda said. When working on any vector graphic, I am always making copies of it as I go along and putting them off to the side of the art board. That way my drawing area looks the same as my desk. Cluttered!

      The only time this is not practical is with a very detailed illustration, which starts to cut into Illustrator's performance, then I will use "save as", and name my files like,,, etc.






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