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Novice illutrator, best way to learn?

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  • Novice illutrator, best way to learn?

    I've decided to learn illustration. I am practicing a lot, and taking some online classes, but the instructors aren't giving useful feedback. What have you found to be the best way to improve? And is this a good place to get feedback on drawing, and if not, does anyone know of a good online community for that?

    Thank you!

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    To someone learning to draw, I'd recommend getting the book Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain and working through it chapter by chapter without skipping.

    As far as commercial illustration goes, a lot of the illustrators I hire for projects are hired for their specific style. Many of them are represented by agents too. Not all, but most. While they may be able to do other styles, they are hired for what is represented as their main body of work. They do it very well and they do it very very quickly. The thing with commercial illustration is the ability to redo something literally overnight if necessary.

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    • sanguine
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    • sanguine
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      Do you have any recommendations for using the book and workbook together?

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    Nice, might consider this book as well.. I am so bad at drawing!
    Designing like a bauss:


    • sanguine
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      I am too, but it's almost shocking how fast I get better when I concentrate and practice. I have a zillion drawing books, and I started the one PrintDriver suggested years ago, but never finished it. I am pulling it back out tonight!

    • Steeph
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      And me too! My problem is different, I can draw very well, but I don't have any creativity for illustrations, I don't know why... In graphic design I only can create apps, websites and online stuff. But illustration is something that enchants me...

    • Microswede
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      I have felt that way sometimes too, Steeph. I think it has to do with being a graphic designer and needing some kind of instruction or direction. I often need some problem to solve or some concept to illustrate before I can begin.

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    Hey sanguine,
    Welcome to the GDF. You can certainly post your illustrations for critique if you want, though most here are more interested in design, so you may not get a lot of feedback. I'm sure there are many illustration sites, with or without forums, you can try. I like and for their community of artists - great for inspiration too.
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      Hello sanguine
      If you want learn illustration , i will advise you 3 books.

      First one is : How to draw by Scott Robertson , the best way to learn all fundamentals to draw in perspective , a book really complete.

      The second is : Figure Drawing by Michael hampton ( he is also professor at the cgma workshop , that i advice you to follow if you have the money for ) This book is good , but without the anatomy classes , it stay a book , but if you work hard and study a lot for understand the human puzzle , you will progress a lot ( i talk from experience )

      And the last is : Color and light , by Gurney , i dont possed this last , but i receveid good returns , Gurney talk a lot about color theory , valor , etc , there is also a really good cgma classes , ( named the art of color and light ^^ )

      The cgma curses cost 500 dollars for 6/8weeks of intensive work , personally i cant afford me for the moment :s but you dont have to pay for progress sanguine study a lot , think in VOLUME , draw with reference , practice anatomy , pratice perspective/environnement and in one year , you will progress a lot !

      (Ps : i m new here , im just fall in this thread , and i really want to give you some tips , i'm french and i hope im not destroying your language so please be nice :s )


      ( there is some picture of Hampton book and curses in my pinterest if your looking for )






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