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  • Earth logo illustration help

    Hi everyone,

    First time poster just joined this forum and I was wondering if I can get some inspiration from you guys to help me out with a logo design.

    My friend has a business called TUT and they basically work in this warehouse with metal plates and such. He wants a logo that represents tectonic plates and had this vision of earth going through an earthquake and breaking up but his company glues earth together.

    I have so far made an illustration where earth is 3 pieces but I cant think of how to make it look like it is combing back together.

    Any ideas on how I can make him a clean logo?


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    Hi Pouyat777 and welcome to GDF.

    We ask all new members to read very important links here and here. These explain the rules, how the forum runs and a few inside jokes. No, you haven't done anything wrong, we ask every new member to read them. Your first few posts will be moderated, so don't panic if they don't show up immediately. Enjoy your stay.
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      Ideas are expensive, but so is following one that isn't going to translate into a static simplified icon. I would suggest thinking less literally about what your client wants to communicate and more about what they need to communicate which could be stability, quality workmanship, ingenuity, etc.

      IMHO the idea is too complex, there are too many things at play and it's nearly impossible to effectively communicate contradicting movements (breaking apart and holding together) in one static image. Remember the Titans...
      Design is not decoration.


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        He wants a logo that represents tectonic plates and had this vision of earth going through an earthquake and breaking up but his company glues earth together.
        Your friend's vision doesn't take into consideration the realities of logo design, just like my vision of setting up a tourist hotel on Mars doesn't take into consideration engineering realities.

        I agree with Keming; the best logos aren't literal representations of ideas. The best logos are usually just suggestive of qualities that represent an organization or that it aspires to. The Earth breaking apart along tectonic fault lines and being glued back together is a fanciful idea and one that might lend itself to a complex illustration, but it's not a logo.

        Case in point: Nike's logo. It's a simple mark that's suggestive of speed or, maybe, the wind. The logo most definitely isn't an illustration of a foot in a shoe, running down the road and helping someone to win races.

        How to successfully enlighten your friend on these matters is a harder question to answer.


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          The idea sounds like a 30 second commercial, not a static logo.
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            There are far more than three tectonic plates and it seems like a stretch to me. Your job as a graphic designer is to figure out what the correct image should be for a product or service, not vice versa. But here is a graphic of the plates, not suited for a logo at all.


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              I actually think the image that kayekaye posted has a lot of potential behind it. If you trace each of those shifted plates and maybe simplified their shape a bit so they're not as jagged, And made the plates a unified color, or maybe each a different shade of the same hue. You could probably eliminate the middle plate and make the initials fit nicely in there with some nice typography work.


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                I strongly advise not tracing anything. Remember the Obama "Hope" poster infringement case?
                Design is not decoration.


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                  the obama case was a very clear case of tracing. I suppose I phrased it wrong, but instead different plates derived from what the photo looks like


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                    The fact that the OP titled the thread "Earth logo illustration help" and posted it in the Illustration category just might indicate that the OP, like the client, might not understand that logos and illustrations are two very different things. Each serving different purposes and being constrained by very different limitations and objectives.

                    Logos really need to be very simple, and simplifying what's been described into the basic shapes most appropriate for a logo might end up looking more like a soccer/football than the Earth and its tectonic plates.






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