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  • Defining Illustration

    I would like to clear up some concepts. If I make something solely for the purpose of showing it off is it considered art, illustration or design? Are icons considered illustration?

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    Language is not universal. Everyone walks around with their own definitions in their head.

    To me, illustration is the augmentation or enhancement of conceptual conveyance through visual representation of the concept. It is an act performed for a purpose; and perhaps the product of that act.

    That definition of mine leaves anything done only for the purpose of doing it or showing it out of the realm of "illustration." I'd say anything done only for showing is art; no matter what it depicts.

    Icons? Assuming you mean icons in the computing device GUI sense (as opposed to say, the religious imagery called by the same term), I'd say they are most often "design" because they are conceived with a specific purpose as components of a system.
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      Thanks. I should probably stick to work produced in real jobs. I'm trying to categorize my portfolio, and I suppose icons deserve their own category. I might also replace webdesign with UX design.

      Talking about purpose, I just saw this funny pic:
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        Categories are there just to make things easy. If it's confusing, find a different way to define it.

        I wouldn't put personal art in a portfolio, unless you think it will help you get work.
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          Illustration technically means to communicate, but is more often than not understood to mean artistic rendering.


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            "Art" can be a catch-all for design and illustration--as well as fine art.

            Illustration is art, and in most cases requires design.
            Design is art, but doesn't necessarily require illustration.
            Art can exist without illustration, and can exist with very little (if any) design, but can also make ample use of either, or both.

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