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    I'm working on doing illustrations for a book. Who decides if I should put "Illustrated by" on the cover? Me or the client?

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    I would think that would be in your contract, but I've never illustrated a book that's been published before
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      Typically, the publisher decides that.
      If self-published, then the author decides that.
      And it should be in your contract where it goes.

      Are you just doing the cover?
      Or are you illustrating the whole book.
      A lot of times cover art is only credited on the inside dust cover, or somewhere on the copyright page if no dust cover.
      A book that is illustrated in the pages as part of the story, depending on scope, may be credited on the front cover in smaller type than the author's name.


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        It's a matter of negotiating what you want in the contract. If you want your name on the cover, ask for it. If it's important to you, insist on it. A professional publisher, however, will likely say no, and will say that you'll get the standard credit line inside the book or jacket.


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          I'm confused as to whether you are just illustrating the just cover, or if you are illustrating the interior as well.

          If the book is illustration heavy, I would imagine requesting a credit on the cover would be reasonable--unless they are technical illustrations. I don't think I've seen a credit for an illustrator in that type of thing.

          If it is just the cover, you would not get credit on the cover itself unless your name was so well known that it would help book sales. The publisher isn't fronting money for the book just to give you publicity. You should be credited where all the other credits and publishing info goes.
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