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  • Remove buttons background from eps file

    I have an eps file downloaded from the internet. The file represents a few fancy buttons with different colors, and an annoying black background which I've been trying to remove with no luck so far. I don't really have a solid graphic design background since I'm basically a developer and I'm hoping for some guidance through GDP.

    This is a link to the original eps file:
    After applying a few changes:

    I need the black background to go away and become transparent so I can merge the buttons with whatever background I decide to use in my project.

    Any help/guidance would be appreciated.

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    It's a vector file, so you'll need a vector editing application, like Adobe Illustrator, to alter it.

    I opened it in Illustrator, and it's just a matter of clicking the various objects/shapes and deleting them. Simply removing the black background shape, though, is going to leave you with this:

    Is that what you really want? You can start deleting other black shapes, but the whole thing will just start to fall apart into an increasingly unattractive and illegible bunch of colored letters, sparkles and gradients.


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      Hi B thanks for the quick reply.

      I already purchased adobe illustrator. if you look at the eps file in the second link, I already removed all what I didn't need, except the black behind the lights which seems to affect the colored lights if I try to take it away.

      I would like to just use the lighting effect on top of another background (maybe this one) to represent buttons made of just transparent lighting and short custom text.

      Note that I just need guidance about the technique allowing to achieve my needs. I might end up applying it to other button vectors such as this or this which I downloaded and ended up always with the same problem; after removing all the easy stuff, I always end-up with a black background sticking with the lighting which I can't remove without screwing the lighting.

      A tutorial link or video about this could also be of great help.


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        Hmmm, I need to be paying more attention. Somehow I missed the part about you having worked your way through much of it already.

        Anyway, it appears as though a password is needed now to download your files. Going on memory, though, the things you're getting confused over are the more problematic features in illustrator, like the interactions between transparencies, gradients, meshes, blends, groupings and masks.

        Illustrator files are usually quite simple, and consist mostly of shapes, strokes and type. Many Illustrator users, though, tend to develop their own techniques and ways of doing things with the more advanced Illustrator features, which makes it difficult to deconstruct how something was done and, then, to modify it for other uses. I've found that it's usually not worth the trouble. Starting from scratch on a complicated graphic is often easier and more reliable than taking someone else's work and modifying it.


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          I agree with your comments, I actually ended up letting go with the vector I originally posted and went with other options that were way easier to adapt to my needs.

          Regarding the required password, I actually realized I might be violating the designer's license terms by redistributing his work so I took it down.

          Thanks again for your enlightening replies!






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