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  • Art Storage Unit

    I have a lot of drawing papers and quite a few drawing that I have done. Does anyone know of a good place online (aside from Dick Blick or where I can buy a art storage unit (with flat file drawers and area to store art products)..Thanks.

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    Any place that sells architectural office furnishings, maybe?
    Like Office Depot or similar.
    Word of warning:
    Anything large that is made of large pieces of sheet metal, will come to you pre-dented.
    Also a flat file might require you pick up at a shipping terminal or pay extra for curb service. This isn't something that would come Fedex.
    You would do better finding a local place and a buddy with a pickup truck.


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      Thanks PrintDriver. Sounds like this is coming from experience


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        You might say that.

        The pre-dented part is particularly irksome when it keeps the unit from functioning properly. Like letting doors open. Or close.
        Been there. Done that.


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          How frustrating! I know of a cabinetmaker/wood-worker not too far from me. I think I might just have him make me something. I am just sick of seeing my art supplies all over the place.


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            This is one of those things that I'd likely not buy online -- at least not without having examined the same model in person ahead of time. Besides, it'll likely come unassembled and the shipping costs will be pretty high. Most office furniture stores sell flat file cabinets (and might even deliver them for a minimal cost). Most good art supply stores sell them too.


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              The trouble with tack-welded sheet metal furniture is that it doesn't come unassembled.
              And ships ground.
              Usually by common carrier.
              All three are a recipe for destruction.

              Bahmaine, I hope your cabinetry friend owes you a favor. Custom built wood construction might be a bit more pricey than you think...Don't take advantage of your friendship any more than you would want to be taken advantage of for your skills.


              • seamas
                seamas commented
                Editing a comment
                Yes. Cabinets are a bit of work, and the especially with a LOT of drawers long, wide drawers.

                Even if made from pine, I'm imagining a VERY heavy piece of furniture.





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