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Children's story book without animate object

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  • Children's story book without animate object

    Hi there,

    I am planning on making children's story books. But for religious reasons I will not be able to put in animate objects (humans and animals) in it. However, I want a strong visual effect that appeals to children.

    Any ideas on how to do this?

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    Is it just animals and humans? Or is any anthropomorphic object forbidden?
    I. E. An animated plant or rock?

    That is truly a stumper to though. Sort of limits you to pretty lifeless landscape imagery and inanimate objects doesn't it?

    Have you done any research into how others have tackled this?

    Im sitting at a Dunkin donuts right now in a little downtown strip mall looking at all the ad posters in the windows, wondering how one can navigate a world where almost all graphic design as it exists here is considered offensive.

    I'm sorry to be so ignorant of your religion. I really should do some studying on that.
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      Leo Lionni did it

      Little Blue and Little Yellow


      Shel Silverstien did too
      The Missing Piece

      David A Carter:
      One Red Dot

      Check out Lois Ehlert as well
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        Use mythological characters, like the devil.


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          I'm not sure I'd consider One Red Dot a children's story book. Unless perhaps the child gets to make up the story. Kinda like a 3D rorschach.


          • seamas
            seamas commented
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            True, I may have been thinking of another book.

            When my kids were little I was in the local bookstore (Borders RIP) at least once a week on my lunch break checking of children's books. Armed with discount coupons I built them up a pretty nice library.

            There are quite a lot of cool ones with abstract art

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          Clouds... sky... water... planets... stars... colors... shapes... buildings... house... sidewalk... park... swingset... grass... and on and on.

          Just streaming some consciousness here. What matters in children's books is accessibility and uncluttered narrative (words optional!). Beauty, emotions, and experiences can certainly be conveyed (even to the literal parts of children's minds) without animate beings.
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