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  • Need your opinion!

    Hi everyone!

    I am working on a project in which I need to draw several insects and a specific attribute. I can't decide whether to go with traditional mixed media illustration or digital!

    Can you guys give me your input???! I respect the opinions I get here greatly!
    Pls pick mixed media or digital

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    Both look nice. I prefer the one with the more contrast. The lighter one looks bland


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      The digital one does need more contrast. But I think the answer depends on who these are for. The digital version would work well in the science, technical field, or for a client with a clean, modern aesthetic. The traditional media might be more appropriate for a client in the humanities, or who has a traditional aesthetic.


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        Which is more applicable to the overall style of theproject and within the illustrative reproduction method budget?
        Scanning or photographing traditional media adequately for print output can get spendy. Or is it for some kind of output that more lends itself to the scaleability of digital?

        Just looking at the thumbnails, the answer is pretty obvious that the traditional is the answer. It's far more pleasing to the eye. Either that or the digital is not yet finished.


        • PrintDriver
          PrintDriver commented
          Editing a comment
          Another thing on these two pieces, the digital one, because it looks unfinished and a little more carelessly thought out, actually looks like a blatant attempt to force the decision to the hand-art. You have to be careful of making that sort of impression, especially if a client is involved.

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        I like the one on the left a bit better, but the digitally drawn example could look pretty much like the other if it were just colored a bit differently. So I don't think the question is really so much about digital vs. traditional as it is about which one looks and works best for whatever purpose it's meant to fulfill.


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          Right side one seems to have a stronger overall aesthetic and the border pattern is one of the same leaf pattern, which helps.

          Having said that, its typography needs a clearer definition.






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