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Colored Pencils: How many should I buy?

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  • Colored Pencils: How many should I buy?

    Hello! it's been a while since I last posted.

    I've started to color, and I bought 12 Faber Castell polychromos individually. I basically am painting as a hobby, so I started as I was taught in school, I chose and artist I like (Arthur Glenn) and copied one of his illustrations on a Canson. Although I would like to paint my own drawings in the near future.

    I live in Peru and a relative is traveling to the US next month, and since I can't seem to find Prisma Colors here (or if I find them, are extremely overpriced) I want to purchase a pack.

    But I am torned, since I don't think I will have a chance to buy more anytime soon, I`ve been thinking about buying the 150 pack. Although I'm not sure if its worth it, or maybe 72 is enough?

    Any suggestions?

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    When I was in art school our teacher had us buy prismacolors for a life drawing class and suggested we buy as big a set as we could afford. I think most people got the 36 or 38 pack, I got the 72 pack and actually did end up using most of them even though that seems like a lot. So for me personally, the 72 pack feels like a comfortable amount. I'm not sure what the price is like in Peru, but just a warning they are pretty expensive in the US as well. If while you're here you look for them at an A.C. Moore or Micheals Crafts, you may be able to find a decent coupon on their websites to help you out.


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      Comparing with Amazon, here its around 70% more expensive (I guess plux taxes, maybe like 60%?). Compared with Faber Castell, Prisma seem pretty affordable. I can afford the 150 colors pack, but it would definitely sting.

      Thanks for the coupon tip!

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    I'd second looking for a coupon or discount code - most craft stores in the US regularly push these out in magazines and online. I've even had luck asking the clerks at Michael's for a coupon on my way in.

    As for how many pencils to get - coming from 12, 72 will definitely feel like a step up. The 72 pack has enough color variety that you won't really feel like you're missing any particular shade. However, if this is going to be your only opportunity to buy in the US, it might make sense to spring for the 150 pack while you have the opportunity. I have noticed that the softer PrismaColors do tend to wear down faster than pencils with harder pigment cores. Although that might just be because I use mine so darn much

    Good luck, and whichever pack you get, you're sure to enjoy them.


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      I'd be more apt to by 2 or 3 packs of the 72 count rather than 1 of the 150.
      Nothing sucks more than running out of your favorite colors.






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