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  • Domain name for art website

    Hi All,

    I do graphic design but I also do fine art. I was going to put both my graphic design and artwork under the one domain but I guess I should just link both sites. My name is already taken as a domain name (Charmian Stewart) and I would be worried that people would end up at the wrong site because many people see my name and think it is Charmaine. I often have people call me Charm because they cannot pronounce my name (it is pronounced Shar-me-yan). I was thinking of going with charmart. I know people don't life to type long names but I am wondering if sounds too cheesy and not professional? I don't know if putting art or artist after my name might be too long? Suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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    Charmart sounds like a BBQ store.
    Shop smart. Shop S-Mart.


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      Yeah that's a tough one because it reads "char mart" rather than "charm art" -- how about charm-art or charmstewart?
      You can fool some of the people all the time, and those are the ones you want to concentrate on. --GWB


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        If you have a fear that people will go to the wrong site knowing your name, why involve your name at all? If you brand yourself under a studio name you may have better results in that single area of focus.

        Anything with ''mart'' in it sounds cheap. Walmart immediately comes to mind. Or any of the gas-station ''marts'' out there with roller food and dirty restrooms.

        Aim higher.


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          Mmmm, roller food...

        • HotButton
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          Goddamn Tornados.

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        To avoid confusion with char mart, you could always take some liberties with the capitalization and spell it CharmArt.






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