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Shutterstock graphic. I can't figure how it was constructed?

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  • Shutterstock graphic. I can't figure how it was constructed?


    I use stock graphics often, and at times don't know how some of the graphics were made. This one in particular caught my eye, and when I tried to tinker and understand I was completely lost.

    I love the rising colors and the shadows. Both of which are a mystery.

    The 2 uppermost layer looks like a white to black transparent overlay but the graphic is actually brighter with them not darker.....

    How was the shape constructed?

    Thanks for the help. Information like this is very valuable and I appreciate help in grasping this technique.

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    It's not really all that complex.
    • Each blue element has 2 additional copies of the same object overlain
      • One is black/white gradient filled bottom-to-top
      • The other is black/white gradient filled right-to-left
      • Both are set to a Blend Mode of Soft Light
    • The highlighted / shadowed bevels are just additional overlain objects
      • Black on the shadow side
      • White on the highlight side
      • All are set to a Blend Mode of Soft Light
    • "Overlaps" are also overlain, graident-filled objects positioned to simulate shadows
      • All are set to a Blend Mode of Multiply
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    • HotButton
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      PS: It's pretty likely you're in violation of Shutterstock's license agreement with a public link to your copy of the fully editable graphic. Just sayin'.

    • SourpatchJunkie
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      Hey thanks for explaining this, much appreciated. I'm going to delete it now.

    • PanToshi
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      Since you can only edit posts for a few minutes after posting, I went ahead and removed your link for you.





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