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Good open source digital painting software

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  • Good open source digital painting software

    If any of you use a tablet and are looking for a piece of painting software to look at, here's one that I have used which is really quite good at reproducing natural media:

    I also like that the 'page' floats in memory. If you need more page -- just drag the background over, and there it is. Some of those brushes are quite excellent too.





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  • JCookeDesign
    Comment on Charge Tax on Top of Flat Rate?
    Thank you. It's a good point that it's expected nowadays. I'll charge the tax on top of the flat rate and discuss it with the client when I send him the first invoice.
    Today, 09:38 PM
  • B
    Reply to Charge Tax on Top of Flat Rate?
    If you live in a place that requires that you collect sales tax on graphic design services, it really doesn't matter how you bill your clients as long as the tax is collected and paid. If you want to...
    Today, 09:02 PM
  • JCookeDesign
    Charge Tax on Top of Flat Rate?
    I've always charged clients hourly and charge the Sales & Use Tax on top of that.

    Just picked up a new client and we worked out a flat rate (x amount per design regardless of time)....
    Today, 08:37 PM
  • brancamonti
    Reply to I need help in blending(???) text in a newsletter type of thing.
    keming: thanks for the welcoming. I'm referring to all text in general, it looks like out of place. I don't know if I'm explaining myself correctly. It doesn't have that smooth feel to it, like it was...
    Today, 03:08 PM
  • kemingMatters
    Comment on Ad Specs Question
    That could be a good thing for people in the industry that give a damn, just another reason for someone to pay a little more for quality.
    Today, 02:56 PM

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