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The road... from sketch to final

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  • The road... from sketch to final

    I was looking through my bookmarks (some day I must organize these!) for a blog site I came across on drawing that I thought would be great to share. No luck -- but I did come across this series about drawing by James McMullan. Amazing stuff.

    Hope you guys enjoy it:
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    Very nice!!!
    "Go ahead, make your logos in PS. We charge extra money to redraw your logo into vector art so it can be printed on promotional product. Cha CHING! " - CCericola


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      Great article
      Hello... My name is Kittie and I'm a Font-a-holic.


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        One of my favourite extracts from James McMullan's drawing 'lesson' #1:

        I confess that much contemporary drawing disappoints me for its lack of risk and immediacy. It often seems like the product of a too premeditated and too lengthy process of refinement. Part of this may be the influence of the computer and the surface perfection that it achieves so easily; geometrically pure shapes, even textures, clear colors.

        Another source of this arid quality may be attributable to the use of photography as a drawing shortcut. Photography as a source for subject matter has opened many amazing possibilities in 20th and 21st century art, but when it is used as a tracing or projecting tool in order to circumvent the difficulties of achieving correct proportion, the resulting art is often static and lifeless.

        Drawing is a process of engagement for the artist, a period of both time and struggle that pulls the artist deeply and intensely into his subject and his ideas. Projecting a photograph in order to give you a perfect drawing of your subject has robbed you of all the imperfect yet more interesting drawings you might have made.


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          It's good to read an article about traditional methods of illustration and design. My graphic design work is done primarily on a computer. I paint and draw, but that is my other life. This article is inspiring me to combine the fine art and graphic design. Thanks for sharing!


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            Awesome... that is Graphic Art!

            And who said traditional Illustration wasn't being use anymore?
            "After all is said and done, more is said than done."






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