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    This is probably the best human I have done so far, I am still working to improve my human anatomy so....

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    Hi Nix,

    We can't critique this work as it's not graphic design, it's illustration. There's an illustration section in the forum that you should post this in.



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      A moderator can move it over to the proper section once they land here.
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        Moved to the Traditional Illustration forum. Though digital, I think it will be better served here than in the Crit Pit. Seeing as it's a graphic design forum, a lot of the members here have difficulty critiquing illustrations and the like.

        I'm guessing the subject is a woman? If so, the hips are very narrow. Remember: men have broad shoulders and narrow hips, women are the opposite: narrow shoulders, broad hips. Give her some curves!
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          This could go in the Wacom thread
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            The proportions are all out of whack (neck is too long, chest and collar bone too low, shoulders are wonky, one arm is too short, waist too pronounced...), try learning to draw realistic figures before attempting to stylize them like anime. (even Picasso painted realism before he went on to abstract representations) It also looks like you shy away from drawing hands, try drawing your own hands (draw your hand holding an object). Look at a model/photo when you draw, it will help with proportions and deciphering the way the anatomy of a figure actually works.

            Good note: Most of your lines are arced properly. When drawing the human figure lines always arc back into the body and never away from it eg (BODY) not )BODY(
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