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  • PMS Color Name Changing!

    Hi does anyone know how to get back the PMS color name once it has been changed (And I too hate hate hate it when clients change the PMS names too!)
    Appreciate any help on this one thanks..

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    What software are you using? Do you have a copy of the old colour that you can refer back to?
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      Can you explain exactly what the client did to change the name?


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        What program are you using?


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          I am using CS5 Illustrator and I am provided vector files from clients to use on large format printing. My problem is that sometimes the the client changes the name of a PMS colour (even I don't know how to do that, nor would I), and in order for me to send it off to the printers I need to know what the PMS is called.
          Only don't know how to do it?? Help!


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            You can't just change the name. You have to actually apply the colors. And if you don't know what they are, you have to ask the client. You can't guess from the information given in the file. Don't use Photoshop. While you may be able to figure the color out from CMYK values using a bridge, chances are you will get the wrong PMS Spot swatch if the designer is using a different Process swatch to represent the spot in 4-color printing. You will get it wrong if you don't ask.

            While your post scares me a little bit...not knowing how to fix color is very basic even if Illustrator doesn't make it easy...

            If the client has used the actual CMYK values for the Pantone color, and your rip works with those numbers, you have nothing to worry about. But you may have received a file with colors called out as "company name color" or in CMYK. This is why I asked "Can you explain exactly what the client did to change the name?"

            This could mean the actual Pantone callout isn't in there and you would have to apply it after first contacting the customer and finding out what the proper Pantone colors are. Or if the client is huge like Coca Cola who has their very own special Pantone mix, you have to get a custom swatch from Marketing to chart match against. No running on profile for a client like that.
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              In Illustrator go to the colours pallette and delete all the colours there. Then select all and go to Edit>Edit Colours>Recolour Artwork. This should pop up. Then use the highlighted icon to select the correct colour book and click OK. All the colours used will then be called out as PANTONE ??? C etc. Some colours may change a little as Illustartor finds the best chromatic match.

              Hope this helps

              Also, you can rename colours in Ai. DOuble click on the colour swatch, and in the details window that opens, change book colour to cmyk/rgb etc. and rename away. I have to do this with client files as they send PANTONE COOL GREY 6 C and I need to change it to PMS_CG6 to get it to match the specifically tweaked colour they approved.
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                ^No way! I'll have to try that, that's handy!






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