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  • Learning typography mission 2

    After the feedback i got about mission 1 (see link)
    I continue to the second mission. This time we have
    a text and we should emphasize some of the text
    according to the context.

    The first context is that we are making an ad for the
    association of the bluegrass music lovers - their
    objective is to promote youth interest in music and
    to gain membership for their organization.
    The second is The young musicians scholarship
    fund. Their objective is to promote youth interest in music and
    to raise money so they can sponsor more young musicians' studies.

    There is also a third one but first i want to hear feedback for the first 2.
    Am i getting better? Thanks in advance,

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    File 1 > I do like the fonts used. There is some errors like "Augost", careful. The text seems massive when positioned like that... Maybe trying to re-arrange the positions and sizes (the "title" bigger might help, maybe). The name of the event should be more worked on, for it to jump out to the eyes of the public. It would make it seem better. Also, what about more decorative things? You can use the musical sheet lines if it matches the event, for instance... And the decorative part goes for all your files.

    File2 > Personally, I do like the feeling of "clean" in design, keeping it readable and simple. However, i think this version is way too "clean", it feels like it lacks of salt, if I make myself clear It is not bad, in my point of view, but needs something more. Also, is that the logo on the right? Maybe it should be bigger, and the position changed because it gives me the feeling that it fell there out of nowhere. I think there is a mix of fonts and styles that makes it a little messy, maybe... And, the logo color doesn't go along with the rest of the colors, and in that case, it just doesn't seem right...
    The font used in the last text feels like "party", but I am not experienced with fonts myself so...

    Keep working


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      Too many fonts on the Scholarship one - stick to a max of 2-3 and you will get better readability.
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        What do you think, When I'm thinking like that... ? Check attached, Please.


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          $10 not 10$
          You need to work on your hierarchy. Which sentence is the most important? Which sentence is the supporting sentence? What is the call to action and how important it that. Think of it as a movie, One sentence is the most famous movie star, the next one is the supporting actor, the next one is plot teaser, the next is the fine print, etc. This is missing in your layout.






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