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Rules of using a typeface for a logo?

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  • Rules of using a typeface for a logo?

    Iím fairly new to graphic design and creating logos for people, but I know that theyíre are certain rules and regulations in regards to using certain fonts. My question is, how to I go about obtaining a font licence and what legal penalties could someone face for not having a proper licence. Someone has asked me to create a logo for them using Impact but I donít have a licence to use Impact.


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    You will need to refer to the EULA of the font. When you purchased the font, you were given the right to use it in whatever ways the EULA spells out. So you will need to go back to the foundry you bought it from and get the EULA from them.

    Oh, wait... you don't have a license? Then you can't use it legally. Do people use unlicensed fonts? Yes. All the time. Should you? That's up to you. Personally, one single lawsuit from a type foundry for using an unlicensed font would be enough to bankrupt me. So it's not a risk I would take. Plus the font is $49. Build that into the price of the logo. I won't go into specific pricing, but the price to do a logo should be a LOT more than that...

    Long story short, most fonts are allowed to be used in logos with very little restrictions. Notice I said "most". There are exceptions. But you have to legally license it to be able to use it.


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        Doesn't Impact come with both OS X and Windows? If so, and if you have a computer, you might already have a license to use the typeface as part of the license to use the operating system.






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