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Dingbat font with theater mask

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  • Dingbat font with theater mask

    I need a dingbat font that includes a symbol similar to this. I can find lots of jpegs, but not a dingbat or symbol font so far.

    Click image for larger version

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    Why can't you just anchor the object?
    I'd use a vector, not a jpg when anchoring.
    You can get a vector version of that exact image for free online.
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      I don't know what you mean by anchoring the object.

      I want to use the image as a dingbat in a bulleted list in Microsoft Word. Word does allow me to use an image as a dingbat, but it cannot apply the font color to it. That's why I was hoping to find a similar image in a font


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        Anchored Objects is InDesign.

        With Word the objects are placed ''inline''
        Look up that term.
        As for colorizing them, I'm guessing Word treats an inline object as an image. Any colorizing would have to be done in Illustrator or photoshop first, before inserting into Word. Which I'm guessing you may not have.

        If you are sending this to a pro printer, you may want to talk to them about how to match the color of the inserted image to your text color. Word is RGB and is converted to print CMYK. Not always a pleasant outcome when using inserted anything.


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          Now, now... Don't be too hard on Word. It's the application that us amateurs love to hate, but it's pretty much all we have.

          This is just for my personal use in my consulting business. It's not going to a printer and it will not be published. It's mostly for my own use to help me keep things straight when talking to clients.

          I have several styles of bulleted lists for various document comments. Each one has its own color and its own dingbat suggestive of the usage. I've found suitable dingbats for the others in a symbol or dingbat font, but I can't find that drama mask.

          I don't have photoshop, but I do have a couple of graphics programs that I can use to change the colors, but I really want do to that in Word so if I change the color of the text, the dingbat matches without me having to go back and recolor it.

          So, I would really appreciate any pointers to appropriate dingbat fonts. Otherwise, I'll just the the image and live with it being black.

          Thanks for the help...


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            Shop smart. Shop S-Mart.


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              Thank you.


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                I haven't been able to find a font for you.
                The closest I could come was the Anonymous mask in a variety of iterations.
                Otherwise I wouldn't have suggest the inline thing.
                RKK comes around once in a while and she is a veritable trove of fontiness. Maybe she'll pop in.

                As I'm a print vendor, I hope you can understand my aversion to files created in Word.


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                  Originally posted by PrintDriver View Post
                  I haven't been able to find a font for you.
                  The closest I could come was the Anonymous mask in a variety of iterations.
                  Otherwise I wouldn't have suggest the inline thing.
                  RKK comes around once in a while and she is a veritable trove of fontiness. Maybe she'll pop in.

                  As I'm a print vendor, I hope you can understand my aversion to files created in Word.
                  I found several fonts with the Anonymous mask, but it doesn't send the right message for my needs. KW's font was close. I may be able to make it work. I wish it had more front-facing views.

                  The "message" I want to convey is one of the unknown or being of two minds. Until I find something better, I can use the yin yang symbol, which is in one of the fonts I already have.

                  I also thought of Janus, the two-headed god, but that is really more past and future. But searching for "janus clipart" did turn up a lot more drama masks.

                  What's a print vendor? Is that different from a printer?

                  I don't have a problem with aversion to Word. I don't much care for it myself, but it;s the best there is for what I need to do.


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                    In my usual Hit-It-With-a-Hammer way I found there is a workaround.
                    It all depends on how important that mask is to you.

                    It isn't as elegant a solution as being able to add a font character to the bullet menu, where that allows swiping over text and colorizing it all, but it works, unless you have a lot of inline elements. Near as I can tell, once they are inline, you can only select them one at a time...

                    The image you are inserting has to be a vector .eps (you can download that exact mask from a free website as a .eps)

                    You have to Insert>Photo>Photo From File into the section of text where you want the shape and size it accordingly.

                    Once you insert the image, right click on it and you'll get a popup box. Select Format Picture and set it to Inline (with vector art that is usually the default anyway.)

                    With the image selected, you go to your Format tab on the control ribbon and choose Format Picture.
                    With the EPS you will only get the option to Recolor Art. From that color menu select the same color as your text.


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                      Hey, my favorite t-shirt reads: Measure Twice, Cut Once, Pound to Fit. Give me a hammer and some duct tape and I'm good to go. The so much.

                      Unless I am completely misunderstanding you, I don't think the inline technique will work for me. I've inserted images in Word docs before and used various flow settings (inline, wrap, behind, etc.). I need the dingbat to act like a dingbat in a bullet list, like the example below, not to be free-standing inline with the text.

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	Bullet Lists.png
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Size:	10.6 KB
ID:	20268

                      In any case, I think the yin yang character will be OK until I find something better.

                      Thanks so much for your time.


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                        I was able to use the image at the top by saving it and then import it to a font\glyph using High-Logic Font Creator. Save the font to C:\Windows\Fonts. Using a right-click on the text and selecting Font the color can be changed. A 30 day free trial is available. Hope that helps.






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