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  • Orthography

    I'm researching orthography in graphic design at the moment and struggling to differentiate between orthography and typography in the visual communication world. Does anyone have any useful links/ comments/ articles/ information/ opinion on the topic? I am really interested in the value on orthography within graphic design.

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    Orthography? As in proper spelling and grammar?
    The simple wiki definition clearly distinguishes between orthography and typography.

    Where the two blur is when actually discussing what letter forms represent what sounds and why. Then you start running into how different languages represent sound in their own written alphabets and how that is regulated or not regulated. But the two are not anywhere close to the same.

    As for the value of orthography...
    If you don't properly present the written word in a way that communicates properly with your desired audience then you will have failed in your message. In some instances it may be perfectly acceptable to use the spelling of ''dog'' as ''dawg,'' and knowing when something like that is appropriate is of value while doing any particular design.

    I have no references for you (other than what might pop up on web search.)


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      Typography is the visual representation of a font as it pertains to your design. Typography should compliment the message.
      Orthography is the arrangement of typographical elements so they spell words that make sense to your audience. While you might call that a merging... I would describe it more as function over form. Orthography dictates the form of your typography in the performance of its function of getting across your message.


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        Orthography is the set of spelling and punctuation conventions associated with the written form of a language. For example, the following two sentences show differences between British and American orthography.
        His lacklustre valour "coloured her judgement".
        His lackluster valor "colored her judgment."
        Typography is more of a practical skill regarding the style and legibility of written words.


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