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I need some help with Font Forge

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  • I need some help with Font Forge

    Hi guys. Curious if anyone here has any experience with Font Forge.
    I know they have their own email forum thing but I have never been able to get any responses on questions there.

    I have created a few .ttf fonts. (I am on a Mac).

    I have noticed after installing the font that in adobe programs, when I put a space between words, a weird rectangular shape shows up. And when I try to put a space between words in Microsoft Word, it seems to change the font all together (like it doesn't recognize it anymore)

    Any ideas on what I did wrong in Font Forge?

    Also, the thumbnail for the font seems to be a weird zoomed in shape (not the actual letters). Is there somehow I can choose what the thumbnail is?

    Thanks so much!

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    Never Used Font Forge but the weird rectangular shape sounds like what the Mac OS puts in when there is no letter defined in the font. I've seen it happen with apostrophes, ampersands etc.
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