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How to wrap text around a ring (a hole circle) in InDesign?

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  • How to wrap text around a ring (a hole circle) in InDesign?

    How do I wrap text around a ring (a hole circle) in InDesign like in that example?

    I can't figure that one out!


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    Please refer only to the first link, and ignore the second one, because I don't no how to edit my post. Thanks!


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      Hi DarkRed and welcome to GDF.

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        Okay, here's an oversimplification that chould get you on your way to that sort of layout...

        Don't think of it so much as "wrapping" the text as "containing" the text. Visualize each of those blocks of text as a separate InDesign text frame; with the text in each justified toward the curved side.

        So with that approach, the trick will be to make the frames. Here's one way to do it:

        1. Draw out 6 rectangles and 2 concentric ellipses, approximating your final text frame layout

        2. Select the ellipses and choose Object > Paths > Make compound Path...
        3. Select all the rectangles and choose Object > Paths > Make compound Path...
        4. With the rectangles compound path still selected, choose Object > Arrange > Bring to Front...
        5. Select all and choose Object > Pathfinder > Minus Back...

        6. With everything still selected, choose Object > Content > Text... Now you'll have 12 text frames:

        7. Set the text using the aforementioned justifications...

        The widths can be adjusted after the fact if needed by dragging sides/segments with the Direct Select tool.

        Make adjustments as needed to text insets, first baseline, etc., to get the kind of offset shown in your example.
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          Thank U so much for the detailed answer!
          It worked!!






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