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  • Colored Font Help

    So, I was asked to make a font using characters that have a specific fill. I have a means of making the font, but it makes it black instead of keeping the original colors. I was wondering if anyone could suggest a program or method for making a font while retaining the original color of the characters used to make it.

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      This might help
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        Color SVG fonts are sort of new, they're not fully supported, and not every font creation application can make them. They also have limited use outside electronic displays since printing will be a problem (CMYK, Pantone, RGB, etc). Many of them also contain bitmap imagery, which hobbles their scalability.

        If you have, say, a website where you've already decided on a color palette, they could come in handy for things like headlines, but it's a whole lot of work to put a font together and do it well. Have a need for the blue to be red in the letters, well, now you've got a problem. Want to put those color fonts on your letterhead on in a brochure and send it out for offset printing, well, now you've got another problem.

        Color fonts have their place (emojis) being a good example. They also come with some huge restrictions that limit their use, so I hope whoever is asking you to design this color font knows their limitations and can live with them.

        As for what programs support their creation, here's some information:






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