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The Fonts are Vanishing!

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  • The Fonts are Vanishing!

    Just a friendly FYI.

    Because I do print and often have to buy fonts I go online a lot to search for them a lot. Lately I've been hitting a lot of 404 error links on all of my favorite font resources.
    It appears that recently, Adobe has purchased a lot of the more common, popular fonts for their Typekit and are in the process of having them removed from other online resources. So recently, some of the resources haven't yet updated their SEO.

    So, I go to typekit and for $59 I can purchase the license for the font I need. But here's what that means.
    You can use it on your computer.
    You can print to your own personal desktop printer.
    But you cannot download it.
    And you CANNOT package it.
    Indesign will NOT warn you that it hasn't packaged any specific font. Just that it won't package fonts with certain licensing characteristics and might in some cases actually mention Typekit. Check your package before sending the file (double entendre intended.)

    What this appears to mean is that if you do not keep your Adobe account with Typekit active, all the fonts you used in your documents will no longer be available to you. I haven't been able to run a test to see if this is true yet.
    It also means that if you need to send live text, your printer has to have access to your exact same font through Typekit in order to use it.
    Yes, this is one way to enforce licensing parameters of fonts but keep it in mind when sending your beautiful design out for print.

    Adobe also seems to think that PDF handoff is the only way to hand things off to a printer. They have always ignored the world of wide format.
    If doing a wide format project, discuss with your print vendor the fonts being used and whether or not it is appropriate to outline them.

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