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    What type of font is best for less than 5 pt readability, Blocky font, Regular Font, Narrow Font or a different type of font?

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    Depends on the font you are using, the colors you are using and the print process you are using. It gets more fun if dot gain is at all involved.
    At 5pts, knockout type can fill in so you aren't going to be wanting any of the narrow things.
    4-color type over 4-color backgrounds can get iffy as well, especially if the plate registration is the slightest bit off.
    4-color type on a white background is again totally dependent on plate registration.
    For K black on a white background, it may only depend on the font being used. There are some pretty darn narrow ''narrow'' faces out there that could break up depending on any line screens used. There are also some blocky fonts with some really small counters that'll fill in too.

    This decision falls under typography theory in the design profession. Something that should be learned in college courses.

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      Generally speaking for small text you need a font with a big x-height. This means the lower case letters are nearly as tall as the capital letters. I would also avoid serif fonts and narrow or condensed fonts, and anything too thin. If the text is going on a background of some sort, try to make sure it is a light background. You don't want to be reversing out text that small.
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