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Old montreal signage

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  • Old montreal signage

    Hello graphic designers,

    would anybody know which typeface is represented on these signages, your closest bet

    thank you

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    Garamond Small Caps on the Rue du Port.
    No idea on the other but it is not one suitable for directional signage.
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      thank you print driver. It does strike as a Garamond. However I noticed that the signage that attracked my attention most was these following:

      the S and a are peculiar, so is the serifs which are completly oblique and thin. any idea of what it could be anybody?


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        Try University Roman.

        Gonna say it again, that font is not suitable for wayfinding. Somebody ''had an idea''
        Then again ADA standards in Canada may be different than the US.


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          Thank you PrintDriver, this seems to be it. I do agree with you that it is not a sign for waydinding. This is different maybe because this is quebec, which as different laws then the rest of Canada. Maybe a graphic designer had an idea.






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