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  • Logo to text ratio?


    I think this is the right subforum to post in. I'm currently working on a project for myself, and I've come across a little bump in my creative process. I've created a logo which I think fits the brief, and the company's name. However, when I'm trying to put those two together, I kind of come to a stop.

    Is there a specific way to size the logo, against the typography, like for ex. the golden ratio, or does it depend on the project/client you are working for?

    I've enclosed a picture of a few tryouts, just to let you know what I'm trying to explain.
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    Logo text and logo bug can't be created separately.
    Your problem stems from a mismatch of elements, not the lack of any specific golden rule of graphic design.

    Revisit the line weights and possibly the vertical height in your bug after you decide where you are going to place it in relation to the text component. Right now you are married to both and resizing is not working.


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      ^Right. Around here we preach often about the differences between graphic design and art, but that doesn't mean there is no art in graphic design. When you're designing a brand like this, the type and the symbol must be born of a single artistic vision. Conceived independently, there is little chance of accidental harmony. The two elements must share common characteristics and intersect aesthetically in a way that strikes balance. As you're discovering in this case, without a common seed and concurrent development, it's possible, if not likely, you'll create two elements which can never achieve that aesthetic intersection no matter how you arrange them.
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        My mind (and eyes) automatically see the commonality of the logo and the capital "I" in Infinity and want the two together.. maybe take it this direction?
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          What is the logo supposed to be? I know there's the infinity symbol, but what are the other elements? It all comes together to look like a human face wearing goggles. It's that what it's supposed to be? If so why?

          As for the typography. It's neither well-drawn nor well-proportioned. The stroke of the initial cap is too thick. The thin area on the n's is too skinny to match with the other letters. The ascender on the f looks disproportionately tall, and the width of strokes of the y don't match the other letters. Did you draw the letters yourself or use a free font? Either way, I'll suggest either fixing those problems or finding a better-designed typeface.


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            The purpose of the company Infinity (not a real one), is that things can be recycled, thus making them "infinite." The logo is supposed to represent a tree, with the infinity symbol as main part of the branches. The meaning was that we can recycle things for a better environment, that's why the tree is put in the logo.
            The problem is that it doesn't look like a tree without the viewer knowing that it's supposed to be a tree.

            The text is not drawn by myself, it's a font called Josefin Sans. Thanks for the feedback.
            Something unpleasant seems to have happened to the glyphs on the way from Google Fonts to your logo. Here's your version on top with the Google Font below.

            When looking at the entire typeface on Google Fonts, it's a nice typeface. Your combination of letters, however, highlight some of the oddities in the face. Without the context of other letters in the face with similar features being in the logotype, those oddities look out of place. If you want to use this typeface as the logotype, I'd suggest shortening the ascender on the f and making a ligature, of sorts, with it and the i. I'd likely redraw that t, as well, to make it fit better with the y at the end. If it were me, though, I'd probably choose another typeface where it's not a problem.


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              Thank you very much for this post will be of great benefit to your logos many beautiful beginners


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                Wow, what would cause such a nasty font conversion, B? Any ideas?


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                  I don't really know. Maybe there are different versions of it floating around. As free fonts go, Google, at least, seems to have some minimum quality standards. I don't think that's the case with hardly any of the other free font sites.

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                Originally posted by Gerard Iola View Post
                Thank you very much for this post will be of great benefit to your logos many beautiful beginners

                Hi Gerald and welcome to GDF.

                We ask all new members to read very important links here and here. These explain the rules, how the forum runs and a few inside jokes. No, you haven't done anything wrong, we ask every new member to read them. Your first few posts will be moderated, so don't panic if they don't show up immediately. Enjoy your stay.
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